Friday, August 20, 2010

Ken Wayne Comments On Recent Wrestling Deaths

----I got this via e-mail this morning and Ken wanted to share it with everyone.

I am saddened by the death of Ted Allen, I just talked with Ted about a month ago, I would have never thought then I wouldn't talk to him again. I have a tape that was sent to me recently and if I can find it I will put on our show and online. It was a match Danny and I had against Ted and his partner, I forget his name at the moment, from Carrolton GA. from the late 80's , Masked Nightmares vs the Nightmares( Danny and I). I will miss him as I am sure many others will too.

I wrestled him last about 10 years ago in Georgia and it was a blast.Ted was one hell of a wrestler and a great guy, I owe a lot to Ted. Thank you, Bud, I will miss you.

I also want to say I will miss The General Scandar Akbar, another friend of mine for many years. Scan gave me my first break in Oklahoma many years ago. Some of the guys from the school had the opportunity to meet him and have pictures with him a few years ago.  Scan was a great guy and I will miss him greatly also.

It sucks getting old and your friends from days gone by start passing, but it's better than some of my other friends that have passed from other causes way before their time....

Good Bye to the friends from my youth.

And a very heart felt good bye to Jeremy.

Ken Wayne