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The Life and Times Of Lance Cade by George Wren

----George turned in the following on Lance Cade.  Good piece!

Lance Cade Dead at the age of 29
Lance Cade
Former WWE Superstar Lance Cade (Lance McNaught) passed away on August 13, 2010 of a heart attack at the early age of 29.
Lance McNaught was born March 2, 1981 in Omaha, Nebraska and made his pro wrestling debut in 1999.
McNaught was trained by none other then Michael Hickenbottom (Shawn Michaels) in San Antonio, Texas at Shawn Michael's Wrestling Academy/Texas Wrestling Academy(TWA) where other's such as Brian Kendrick, and Bryan Danielson was trained at the same time.
After training at Michael's school McNaught debuted for Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling(FMW) on December 1, 1999 were he teamed Bryan Danielson (a.k.a. The American Dragon/Daniel Bryan) the team went their seperate ways, and McNaught begin working as a single competitor in a feud with Jon Rechner (Balls Mahoney).
McNaught continued working for Michael's Texas Wrestling Academy promotion (TWA) and won his first championship (TWA Television Title) on May 9, 2000 in a tournament final over Bryan Danielson but would only hold the strap for a month.
In 2001 McNaught was signed to a WWE developmental deal and was sent to Memphis to work for Terry Story (Terry Golden's Memphis Championship Wrestling) where he had some bloody battles with Jason Arhndt (Joey Abs) ... McNaught would soon be transfered to Les Thatcher's Heartland Wrestling Association in Cincinnati Ohio (after Memphis lost their developmental deal and all the developmental talent was transfered to HWA)
Soon arriving with HWA McNaught would team with "Surfer" Cody Hawk but the team was split when McNaught was placed with Mike Sander's where McNaught and Sanders captured the HWA Tag Titles from Sean Morley (Val Venis) and Steve Bisson (Steve Bradley) on February 13, 2002 but right after winning the tag straps McNaught and Sander's split as a tag team, where McNaught would defeat Sander's the following week February 20, 2002 for the tag titles where the angle was that McNaught could choose a new partner. McNaught then would choose Steve Bradley as his new partner but the duo was not able to hold on to the straps as they lost them to Bill Demott (Hugh Morrus) & Scott Levy (Raven) on March 12, 2002 but was able to regin the tag straps just 3 days later on March 15, 2002 as McNaught and Bradley was able to hold on to the tag straps for about a month after losing them to Cody Hawk & The Ice Cream Man.
May 19, 2002 McNaught defeated John Hugger (Johnny The Bull) for the HWA Championship and was able to hold on to the strap for 2 months after dropping it back to JTB. This was basically the end of the HWA/WWE relationship.
McNaught was trensfered down to Louisville Kentucky where Ohio Valley Wrestling became the newest developmental territory. McNaught was placed with Rene Goguen (Rene Dupree) as part of Kenny Bolin's stable. But the team was split when Dupree was called up to the WWE.
June 2003 McNaught made his Raw debut as Garrison Cade where he would take on the likes of Lance Evers (Lance Storm) and was even paired with Mark Jindrak where McNaught and Jindrak was put in matches against La Resistance (Rene Dupree/Rob Conway), TheDudley Boyz (Mark Lomonaco & Devon Hughes), and Rosey (Matthew Anoai)/The Hurricane (Shane Helms)
July 2004 McNaught was taken off tv after suffering a knee injury. McNaught was sent back to Ohio Valley Wrestling after suffering the knee injury.
Cade and Trevor Murdoch
September 5, 2005 McNaught made his return back to Raw this time with William Mueller (Trevor Murdoch) as the debut duo defeated Rosey/The Hurrican in a non tag title match which set up a tag title match at WWE's Unforgiven. McNaught/Mueller would capture the straps by defeating Rosey/The Hurricane on September 18, 2005 at Unforgiven as McNaught/Mueller was able to hold on to the straps for 2 months after dropping them to Paul Wight (The Big Show)/Glen Jacobs(Kane) on November 1, 2005 at Taboo Tuesday. McNaught was basically done as a tag team at this point as both starting working single matches. May 19, 2006 McNaught and Mueller was placed back together and was on their eyes on the tag team titles once again.
June 4, 2007 on a edition of Monday Night Raw McNaught & Mueller captured the tag titles for a second time against The Hardy's (Jeff & Matt Hardy) as McNaught and Mueller looked to be back in the tag title picture. The duo would hold the tag straps 3 months after dropping them to Brian Kendrick & Paul London on September 5, 2007 at a live event in Cape Town, South Africa but captured the tag straps 3 days later at a live event in Johannesburg, South Africa. The duo was able to hold on to the straps for 3 months until dropping them on December 10, 2007 in Bridgeport, CT (Raw's 15th Anniversary) to Robert Howard (Hardcore Holly)/Cody Runnels(Cody Rhodes) as this would be McNaught's last chance holding the tag titles. McNaught would suffer a seperated shoulder at a house show in Atlanta Georgia on December 28, 2007 and was sidelined.
McNaught returned back to Raw on February 4, 2008 as McNaught and Mueller would challenge for the tag straps again but was unable to regain the straps. May 12, 2008 McNaught turned on Mueller with McNaught turning "heel" ... June 2, 2008 McNaught would get a win over his former tag team partner on the July 2, 2008 edition of Raw as Mueller was released July 3, 2008
June 16, 2008 McNaught was placed with Chris Irvine (Chris Jericho) where McNaught assisted Jericho in matches against (Paul Levesque) Triple H, John Cena & Shawn Michaels. McNaught would stand in the corner of Irvine in his feud with McNaught's former mentor Shawn Michaels.
October 6, 2008 went head to head with his former mentor Shawn Michaels on a edition of Raw in a no disqualification match where Michael's left McNaught beaten in the ring with several chair shots. October 14, 2008 McNaught was released from World Wrestling Entertainment after taking pain pills that caused a seizure on a airplane flight.
After his release from World Wrestling Entertainment McNaught took on independent bookings and bookings over in Japan for Hustle.
September 2009 McNaught was resigned back to World Wrestling Entertainment and was sent to Florida (Florida Championship Wrestling) McNaught completed a 30 day rehabilition program in January but was soon released from World Wrestling Entertainment in April 2010 before being called back to tv.
McNaught was schedule to leave August 13, 2010 for a 2 week tour of All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW)
McNaught leaves behind a wife, and two daughters (Natallye & Laryssa)
I had a chance to work along side of McNaught in Memphis when I was with the press, and McNaught was a very respectful kid. I would like to send my condolence to the family and friends of McNaught.
Write up by: George Wren
George Wren is a former pro wrestling photographer/associate editor for New Wave Wrestling Publication and has done work along side of Rasslin Riot Online (RRO) as well.