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Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.14.10 by D-Rock from

----Here is a VERY detailed report by D-Rock.  I will have Ratings and Random Thoughts posted later this week.

HJB with Jason

They added some new action clips to the opening. This looked good.

Brandon Baxter kicked off the show at ringside with Lauren Jenkins and Commissioner Mr. Coffey. Brandon has heard rumors that Tom Savini has something in store for Jerry Lawler today. Mr. Coffey announced that Su Yung will face The Ga Ga Girl, with the loser having to leave Memphis Wrestling.

Mockingbird plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling.

Kevin White and Tommy Mercer out. Kevin said Tommy Mercer is a little upset because of last week's match. Kevin told Mr. Coffey that they should ban that referee that called his match last week. Kevin stated that he has brought him out to get some revenge, by unleashing the beast. Tommy Mercer told Stan Lee, "Everybody knows you didn't beat me! Everybody saw me kick out! That referee needs to be fired! Bring him out here so me and Kevin White can take care of him!"

Opening Match-Kevin White & "The Genetically Gifted Supernatural" Tommy Mercer vs Cody Melton & Stan Lee-Referee Jerry Calhoun-Lauren Jenkins dubbed the team of Kevin White and Tommy Mercer "The Hotheads". The Ga Ga Girl made her way to ringside. Tommy Mercer picked up the victory with a spinebuster on Stan Lee after The Ga Ga Girl tripped him as he was running the ropes. Your winners, "The Genetically Gifted Supernatural" Tommy Mercer & Kevin White!

Big Boy plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling.

Brandon Baxter and Lauren Jenkins showed us some classic footage of a Special 2 out of 3 Falls 8-Man Tag Match with the team of "Superstar" Bill Dundee, "Dirty" Dutch Mantel and The Fabulous Ones, Stan Lane & Steve Keirn defeating The Destroyers, The Invader & The Masked Marauder in two straight falls.

Nacho Libre plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling.

Commercial aired for the Memphis Wrestling Academy, where you will receive state of the art training from top pros, such as Kevin White and "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher. Classes are forming now! For more information, call (615)430-7067.

Kevin White and The Ga Ga Girl make their way out. Kevin told Mr. Coffey that he's made this morning great for him because, finally, he has a chance to get Su Yung gone for good because The Ga Ga Girl is gonna make Su Yung leave Memphis tv. Kevin added, "She'll never be seen on tv, again! She may hit the front door, start running, look left, look right and then find that nail shop and go back to fixing nails! And toes! Because today is your last day on tv! Mark my words! Mr. Coffey, I'm taking you out to dinner when it's all over! Hahaha!" Hilarious!

While Lauren Jenkins was making the introductions, Kevin White grabbed the mic, calling The Ga Ga Girl, "One pretty lady" and Lauren Jenkins, "A stupid skank!"

Su Yung made her entrance, alongside Jerry "The King" Lawler. Su Yung said, "I just wanna do everybody a favor because I've heard that people turn off their tv with this thing in the ring. And I just wanna do everybody a favor and end this today and you're gonna be pinned on your back just like you're used to!" Naughty.

Special Ladies Match-Loser Leaves Memphis Tv FOREVER-Su Yung with Jerry "The King" Lawler in her corner vs The Ga Ga Girl with Kevin White in her corner-Referee Chuck Poe-Bert Prentice joined Brandon Baxter for commentary. During the match, Bert Prentice choked Lawler with a chain. While Referee Chuck Poe was checking on Lawler, Kevin White came off the top-rope, but hit The Ga Ga Girl when Su Yung dodged out of the way. Su Yung clotheslined Kevin White and then pinned The Ga Ga Girl to get the three count. Your winner, Su Yung! Brandon Baxter yelled, "Goodbye, Ga Ga! Say goodbye to The Ga Ga Girl! Her days in Memphis Wrestling are over!"

A soldier said, "The only thing better than the smell of napalm is watching Memphis Wrestling."

Lauren Jenkins welcomed us back with The Superstar Hotline segment of the show, brought to us by Tax Solutions. This week, we heard from Ox Baker that said the following: You know, last week, I'm real proud of myself. Jerry Lawler stopped me in a hallway at a show and he said, "Ox, I'd like a small interview with you." You know, I realized over the years that two men in the history had a win over Andre The Giant. One of them was Jerry Lawler. One of them was 'The Fantastic' Ox Baker. Ox Baker is the only man in the history of wrestling to throw Andre The Giant over the top-rope. You know, I've been watching Jerry Lawler for years and he always had that smirk on his face. And I wondered what it was. We got to talking of all the great victories that I ever had, I never had a victory over Jerry Lawler. And he said, "You know, Ox, it's kinda funny. I checked my record book and I have a lot of great wins also. But, Ox, nowhere in my tapes do I have a win over you." I went home very satisfied with myself! My chest was puffed up. I said well you know I feel pretty proud. Jerry Lawler had beat a lot of the guys over the years. Been a champion many, many times, but he don't have a win over Ox Baker. But I said why did he have that smirk on his face? He always had that smirk on his face. You know, I was laying in bed that night and finally I sat up! I said, oh my lord! I just remembered one thing. Jerry Lawler has never beat me, but wait! I don't have a win over him, too! Again, I got outsmarted by Jerry Lawler! Again, I got outsmarted by Jerry Lawler! Cause I never had a win! I could be happy, but I never had that win! And you know, folks, I'm real mad at myself cause, eventhough, he never beat me, I never beat him! So, he's still ahead of me! He's still got that smirk on his face and I don't like him at all! I don't like him!" That Ox Baker is silly.

Brandon Baxter sent us to this week's WWE action, presented by Frankie's Cars. This week's match featured The WWE Champion Sheamus defeating Evan Bourne on RAW with the bicycle kick. After the match, The Miz attacked Sheamus with his Money in the Bank briefcase, driving him head first into the briefcase with his 
Skull-Crushing Finale. The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, but before the bell sounded, R-Truth ran down so The Miz waved it off, keeping his Money in the Bank opportunity.

Jonah Hex plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling.

Lauren Jenkins and Brandon Baxter welcomed us back. Lauren was excited that Su Yung defeated The Ga Ga Girl so we will not be seeing her in Memphis Wrestling anymore. Brandon Baxter discussed "Hollywood" Jimmy and Tom Savini's mission to dethrone Jerry "The King" Lawler because they claimed that Lawler murdered Andy Kaufman twenty-five years ago.

We heard from The Hollywood makeup artist, Tom Savini, who sent in a new video, saying, "Ha! Jerry Lawler, you big, dumb jerk! You'll do anything to your opponents, won't you? You cheating scumbag! First, you kill my friend, Andy Kaufman, and then you burn my Jokester beyond recognition. Is there anything you won't do? It's time to pull out the heavy artillery, you know! Now, you've really made me mad. I'm gonna send down the most unstoppable, diabolical creature I've ever created, Jason! The end is near for you, Jerry Lawler! Jason is coming! He's gonna destroy you!"

After Tom Savini's comments, "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock escorted Jason to the ring in chains as the screen featured a special Tom Savini's Monstervision. Jason was carrying a large machete.

Jerry "The King" Lawler came to the ring, saying this has went a little too far and requested that somebody get the machete away from Jason. "Hollywood" Jimmy sounded off, shouting, "No, we don't have to do anything! You understand? Are you scared? Are you scared? I told you Tom Savini is gonna get you! You killed Andy Kaufman! You're nothing, but a murderer! You're nothing, but a murderer! Now, you're gonna pay! You're gonna pay, Lawler! You're gonna pay!" Referee Downtown Bruno ordered them to give him the machete or there would be no match and he'll raise "The King's" hand, now. "Hollywood" Jimmy obliged and managed to get the machete from Jason. Jerry Lawler, personally, invited Tom Savini himself to come to Memphis and get in the ring with him. "Hollywood" Jimmy chimed in, yelling, "There's not gonna be nothing left of you!"

Main Event-Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Tom Savini's "Greatest Creation" Jason, led by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock-Boss Winters joined Brandon Baxter for commentary. Boss said he was friends with Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler did murder him. Boss said he was there and the piledriver gave Andy Kaufman brain cancer. Boss also claimed that Lauren kept making "moon eyes" at him, adding, "By the way, lady, I'm married. Bertha Jean would not take it very kindly that you mooning at me!" Jason was having a hard time keeping the hockey mask on. Lawler ended up knocking the hockey mask off. "Hollywood" Jimmy jumped in the ring and attacked Lawler with a cane shot to the back, causing a disqualification. "Hollywood" Jimmy and Jason continued their onslaught, striking Lawler with the cane and choking him with the big steel chain. "Hollywood" Jimmy and Jason left "The King" laying in the ring.

After the break, Jerry Lawler asked for one more shot at Jason. Brandon Baxter said they will get with Mr. Coffey about getting that match signed for next week. Brandon Baxter thanked everyone for joining them and hope you join them again next week for some more of Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling. Brandon Baxter is doing an excellent job.

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling will be back at The Vine for a FREE TV TAPING.....This Thursday night.... The Vine is located in the heart of Midtown Memphis at 1819 Madison Avenue, only two blocks west of Overton Square between Idlewild and McLean. Bell Time will be 7:00. "Hollywood" Jimmy said you will be surprised who he will be bringing with him....

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