Friday, August 06, 2010

RRX: NEW Announcer John Steele Gives His 2 Cents Worth..

----John Steele sent this Letter to the Editor to be posted.  As I have said earlier this week, I invite David Walls to respond to this situation whenever he wants.  I am also working on the new Coach's Corner for Wednesday about this subject and it might actually surprise some people what I think.

Hey B.T.,
I echo Mo’s sentiments. Too often we see things that are wrong with this business. Mo’s attempt to give the younger guys a shot on TV is the right thing to do. No offense to Jerry Lawler, a legitimate talent, 20 years ago! I remember watching World Class TV when I lived near Kansas City and saw the King and his feud with Kerry Von Erich. The highlights from their match at superclash 3 were incredible. But, that was over 20 years ago. The last meaningful thing King did in-ring was invading  ECW. I love the King and get nostalgic when I see him, but it’s a new day. It’s their turn now.

Now I move to Mr. David Walls. There is but one request I must make of you: get out of the business. You’re upset because you couldn’t book yourself on the card? You’re mad because you could not bring in Shelton Benjamin? (who would not have drawn one thin dime) Panties in a wad because Nacho Libre was not going over? It seems the entire purpose of the All Star Wrestling Federation is to put Demon X over. Everyone knows who you are. Ronnie Millsap could see through your mark mask. Ray Charles would rise from his grave and see you’re not serious about this sport. That you are nothing but a weekend warrior. We LIVE this business. We bleed it, spurting from our arteries. Our dream is to someday make it to the top. Mo did just that. (WM 10 in Madison Square Garden) The top show in the #1 market at the number 1 venue in our industry. All you seem to do, David is book mostly sub-par talent in Tuckerman, Arkansas and hope that Austin Lane and Terrence Ward can clean your mess. You work in two speeds, slow and stop. Cannot bump to save your life and if given the choice, I would rather watch paint dry than watch any Demon X match. (an oxymoron if there ever was one… Demon X and match). 

I know I am burning a bridge, but I am angry at how much David Walls and people in his same position spit on this industry. Idiots who put their commentary over the P.A. promoters who say, “It’s fake anyway.” And wear a mask without understanding the idea behind the mask, keeping a secret identity. People who refuse to give other styles of wrestling like Ring of Honor or N.E.W. a chance. People who aren’t going anywhere, and worse, don’t want to go anywhere. I pray for the day somebody buys you out, David. For the sake of this business, do us all a favor and just go away…

John Steele

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