Thursday, August 12, 2010


----Here is our 4th NEW DVD release in the last few weeks!!  

----Today we will be releasing shows 76 & 77.  Please CLICK HERE  to order your copy today!! 
Cost is only $12.99 for a two hour disc. You can also buy these DVDs at NEW live events!  Or CLICK HERE to see the complete NEW catalog of releases.

 Show 76:
Dan Matthews Vs Justin Smart

  U.S Jr. Heavyweight Title match
Moe Stegall Vs Eric Wayne ( An in ring interview @ the top of the show sets this match up)

  Elimination Tag Team Cage match
Mike Anthony & Alan Steele Vs Cody Murdoch and Kid Nikels (Exp. of TV time)

The Rules for the cage are: As one member of a team loses a fall he goes into the cage(Managers Cage). Leaving it two on one. If his team member can catch a win over one of the other guys his team member gets out of the cage and the losing team member from the other team goes in the cage, leaving it two on one the other way.

Show 77:
Justin Smart Vs Mike Anthony

Cody Murdoch Vs Alan Steele

Jason Reed Vs Eric Wayne

Shawn Reed Vs Kid Nikels

Interview with Eric young and Eric Wayne for upcoming U.S. Jr. Heavyweight Title match