Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Nightmare" Ted Allen Found Dead at Age 54!

----Ted Allen was in the original "Nightmares" team with Danny Davis.  Ken Wayne would join them as "Speed" and later become the second "Nightmare." 

----Dan wrote the following on the Kayfabe Message Board..

"Nightmare" Ted Allen
It saddens me to report that Nightmare Ted Allen was found dead at his home in Georgia today. He was scheduled to wrestle a friend of mine in Phenix City, AL tonight and they were supposed to carpool out there. When he never called (which *never* happens), my friend got worried and found out the news from Ted's girlfriend.

Ted was a mainstay in the Crockett's old Mid-Atlantic wrestling promotion. He wrestled under both his real name and as the Nightmare. After retiring, he was best known as ring builder; his rings were/are considered some of the best in the business. He was also known for his training. Amongst those he trained are Arn Anderson, the late Big Bossman and Scotty Riggs.

He was active in the business up until his death, wrestling from the Carolinas, to Georgia, Eastern Tennessee, Alabama and the Gulf Coast. I will always remember him fro his devotion to the business and his work with new guys.

RIP Ted Allen. You were a true Southern wrestling Legend.


----Greg Oliver also did a great piece on him. CLICK HERE!!