Thursday, August 05, 2010

RRX: RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 7.31.10

----Good news with SAW doing some TV tapings here.  The CJ angle and the stuff with Rude sounded good.

Show started off with Announcements in the ring! Announcements of S.A.W. TV tapings to be held in Ripley, TN which is huge for that town! Jon Michael walks through the front door, and takes a seat in the audience as well! Announcements of a special featured show on August 13th with the theme of SUMMER HEAT! Also the announcement of the EWE Ultimate return on August 13th of Flash Flanagan!!! About this time "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony made his entrance to interrupt!

Greg Anthony would come to the ring and put himself above S.A.W. TV and the Board, and then over the Return of Flash Flanagan by saying that they shouldn't be talking about all of that, what they should be talking about is how great Greg Anthony is, that he's the best pound for pound Champion this company has ever seen because he always delivers and that's why he is the Best of the Best! About this time, Christian Jacobs with help from Security and the referee is led out to the ring! Christian Jacobs is BLINDED with tape around his eyes and glasses on, he can't see a thing! After he is helped into the ring, Greg Anthony realizes that CJ was blinded by the hot coffee incident and begins to laugh at CJ. CJ is pointed in the direction of Greg, and KoKo holds the mic up for him as CJ begins to talk about his condition! CJ asks are you happy with what you've done, and all this time, Greg is poking fun, swinging and waving in CJ's face, but CJ doesn't move! He can't see him, and then at that point Greg gets out of the ring, CJ still pointed where he was says the dr's don't know how long he'll be in this state, Greg gets back in the ring with a chair with his back to CJ as he's laughing to the crowd gettin ready to swing! CJ says, "the dr's also said that his sight may come back, sooner than you think" CJ pulls his shades off, and the tape from his eyes, Greg turns around with the chair, CJ takes him down! HUGE POP!! These guys really got over as they did a small pull apart at the begining of the show, and eventually were taken to the back separately after CJ landed a big boot on Greg and Greg rolled out of the ring! After the pull apart and Greg was at the entrance, KoKo announces that "before i was so rudely interrupted, tonight's main event is for the #1 contendership for the EWE title! The winner will face Greg Anthony August 13th at Summer Heat, and that match is between NXN's Rude, and this man, Christian Jacobs!" Huge POP!!

first match: Ultimate Division Match
J.R. Manson versus Rockin Randy
Randy would eventually take control of this match. At first Randy had some second guess on doing his normal cowardly tactics in the corner, but eventually had to resort to them! JR being all heart would mount a big come back! JR had this one in the bag as at that moment, Randy Moved in the corner, Randy then called for the superkick, JR caught it, spun him around, went for the Code Breaker, Randy Caught JR's Legs on the way down, and floated over into a double leg cradle! 123! The crowd actually got behind Randy a little bit after this because he didn't cheat at all to win. JR then got up, shook Randy's hand and Randy accepted.

(JR then got on the microphone, and asked for the petition! JR explained that he had put a petition together to bring Jon Michael Back. Big pop! JR pointed at Jon Michael in the crowd and said that he was there to help him get back and that Jon needed his help to do so and that he was here for him! Jon Michael got up, walked down and into the ring as he was invited. Jon looked at the petition, and then said "right now i don't know who to trust, EWE or SAW, but there are alot of snakes in the grass right now, and to be honest, i don't trust you! like i said last week, as long as these people stand by me, I'll stand by them!" Jon Michael looked at the petition, made it known that Randy was actually the first to sign it, went to hand it back to JR, dropped the petition, JR bent over to pick it up, Jon Michael hooks JR by the head, asks the people, big pop again! bam, DDT! Jon picks up the petition and hands it to an unsuspecting Randy and tells him to take care of it! Big Pop for randy as JM left the building!)

The Golden Circle! Greg Anthony comes out and introduces his Guest on the show! Out comes Blaine Devine! Greg asks a couple of questions which made Blaine look bad and never let him answer, KC Gold comes out and interrupts and tells Greg that he is tired of him thinking he runs the show and that he can do whatever he wants. Correction, KC Gold runs the show, KC then told Greg that he has a match, and that it is an EWE title match, and its against Blaine Devine, and that match is right now!!

2nd Match:
Greg Anthony versus Blaine Devine
Greg Anthony does it again, Blaine Devine looked like a million bucks in this match! Blaine is picking up quickly and working guys like Greg, and Rude, and Randy every week he can only get better! Blaine almost beat the champion a few times actually in which would have been the Biggest upset in EWE history! But that wouldn't be the case because not only was he wrestling the best of the best Greg Anthony, but his former friend, now rival was commentating ringside. At the End of the match Blaine seemingly had the match won! A Ten Punch in the corner from Devine set things up perfectly for him to score the win as he back down, Greg turned around taking the turnbuckle off as Mark DeVonci hopped up on the apron, Blaine turned and darted after him! Then turned back to the match and charged Greg as he moved Blaine hits the turn buckle and turns around right into the Sadistic Twist/Stunner which he is calling the Midus Touch! 123! by hook or crook Greg Retains his title! 

Ultimate Challenge: non title
round 1
Seth Knight(c) versus Ike Tucker
this match was a slow methodical type match at first with alot of feeling the other guy out! After the match picked up, Ike Tucker actually ruled Seth in this contest! Ike has a major size favor and a huge Experience Favor in this match so he really shined in this match up! In the end, out of no where, Seth hits the Sour Faced Silencer, and picks up the win out of no where as Ike Rolls out!
winner of the match:10:12 Seth Knight

round 2
Seth still down, Mark DeVonci's music plays as he comes out to the ring as fast as possible running right by Ike! Mark jumps Seth and continues to beat on him! Good quick heat and the crowd was eating it up because it was just wrong how on top of Seth that Mark was! Seth got no offense, No breather here as about 3 minutes passed, out comes Blaine Devine to slide in the ring, but Blaine notices Mark sees him so he doesn't slide in, Mark steps one foot through the rope, as they are jaw jackin, Seth Lands a sweet Enziguri Kick to the back of Marks Head, which knocks him out as he falls to the middle of the ring, and Seth Hits a Lionsault for the pin! 123, Huge Pop!!!
winner of the match: 3:27 Seth Knight

round 3
Seth Knight versus Brad Badd
Seth backs up for this one, and the match slows down! After two matches Seth is winded! Brad also takes advantages of a neck and back injury on Seth Knight! This math was a back and forth match but mostly was geared in a hope spot fashioned match! At the end, Seth got his comeback on Brad, hit a great cross body which was a big pop! After that, things lined up for Seth, he hit the Sour Face Silencer on Brad! At this point Rude walks out to the ring to observe, and Seth is down still and then sees Rude, Seth pulls himself up lookin at Rude wondering why he's even out there, and Brad Badd as Seth Walks backwards trips Seth up and rolls him up for the win 123!
winner of the match: 9:40 Brad Badd

Main Event: #1 contendership for the EWE Championship
NXN's Rude versus Christian Jacobs

Rude came out first and asked for a microphone! Rude was very ill! Rude explained his actions from earlier and said that he had a problem with the Ultimate Division Champion Seth Knight! He said that he and Seth had one of the best matches that he's been in in a long time for that belt! After the match Rude said he got up to shake Seth's hand and heard Seth tell the referee to get Rude out of the ring! Rude went into shoot mode at this point and it was GREAT! He ripped on some of the guys, first said that Seth wouldn't even be in this business if it wasn't for him helping him and showing him the way! Also ripped on other guys, and then said that there is no respect for the veterans in the business anymore and that he would take respect back! Said that no one respects me, Ike Tucker, he's been all over the world, heck, even Derrick King gets no respect. Rude says he's tired of being over looked, he's tired of being held down by companies and the man, and he's tired of being disrespect (((crowd is eating this promo up and hating Rude))) He then says he'll get Seth and respect, and then says on to this punk that he is about to wrestle! He said that he put Christian Jacobs on the map and that he gets no respect from him either, and then ends by saying "Get Christian Jacobs out here and I demand respect, and if i don't get it, then i'll take it from that punk!"

Christian Jacobs enters the ring! Built up Frustration by Christian Jacobs and a very heated crowd at this point fires CJ up as he is taking things out on Rude! Great little Back and Forth Match! Simple, Solid, yet affective and perfect for what is going on in their separate storylines! At the end of the match, CJ fires up on Rude and has him bumping all over the place! CJ then puts Rude down for good and starts calling for the spear! Rude gets up and begins to turn around, he see's CJ coming with the spear and falls to his back and rolls out of the ring away from the spear! and then Rude takes an easy countout and leaves the arena! CJ gets out of the ring and starts to follow the ref up the ramp wanting Rude to get back out here, as CJ gets to the entrence, GREG ANTHONY BLINDSIDES!! and comes through the curtain with the Steel Chair and Lays CJ out on the ramp! HARD Shot, and CJ bumped on the steel grate entrence too! CJ was knocked half loopy on this one! Jon Michael chants began at this point, Security and Officials could not maintain order as Greg Threw CJ into the ring! CJ barely pulled himself up, as KC gold comes out order security to do something, Greg Hits CJ with his own Spear! KC gold comes to the back and gets talent from the back to help. Greg Hits another Spear on CJ and leaves him down and out and hurt bad! as the Baby's get in the ring and Greg gets out! Greg is escorted by security to the back due to heat and the heels follow as CJ is down with more security and the babyfaces!!
winner of the match: 8:59 Christian Jacobs

Show began at 8:10 and ended at 10:15

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