Sunday, August 01, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Oscelola, AR 7.30.10

----I got these results sent in from MCW.

  Lord Humongous defeats Loose Cannon 

2nd match Stretch & Wild Bill over Little Lucky & Lance Beaudro in the match of the night !! Crowd really into this one !! 

3rd match Battle Royal with the winner getting his choice of which title shot he wants !! Biscuit,Hambones 1&2,Adrian Stratton,Little Lucky,Snuffy, and Loose Cannon !! Your winner Little Lucky and he wants a cruiserweight shot against Stretch !! This should be a great match !! 

4th match All American Frankie Tucker defeated JT Storm !! 

5th match Big Daddy Lafonce defended his middleweight belt against Officer Hudson !! Hudson over Big Daddy !! Now Hudson is 1/2 of the Tag team Champs with V-man and the middleweight champ !! He has a decision to make next week !! 

The main event Pokerface over Rik Burton by DQ !! Rashard and Burton get DQed to keep the Mcw belt , but next week the match is a no DQ match !! Good crowd which was into every match !! But in my opinion the match of the night was the Stretch and Wild Bill match !! Thank you MCW fans for your support and RRO for their website !! 

Credit: MCW