Sunday, August 08, 2010

RRX: RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 8.06.10 - NEW MCW Champion!! Not Once, But Twice!!

----Here are the results from Friday night from Osceola, AR for MCW.

1st match Cruiserweight Champion Stretch and Adrian Stratton over Hambones 1&2 by DQ

2nd match Biscuit & Hillbilly Nate over Loose Cannon & Lance Beaudreaux

3rd match Pokerface defeats Rik Burton for the MCW heavyweight Championship after a brutal beating !! Immediately following the match Rashard brings out Lord Humongous to challenge Pokerface while he is tired and beatdown !! Poker accepts the challenge and your new MCW Heavyweight Champion Lord Humongous !!

4th match The surprise of the night the returning Bishop & Chris Lexx over JT Storm & Little Lucky !! Bishop & Chris Lexx get the pop of the night !!

5th match All American Frankie Tucker & Big Daddy Lafonce defeat V-man & Officer Hudson to become the new MCW tag team champions !! Tucker & Big Daddy get jumped following the match !! The dressing rooms clear out and a free for all broke out !! It was one of the wildest fights ever witnessed !! The brawl at the end was worth the price of admission !!

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