Sunday, August 08, 2010

RRX: RassleResults: SWA Newport, AR 8.06.10

----Here are the results from Friday night in Newport, AR.  I got to check this show out!!  It seems like a lot of fun!

Legion Out to talk about how good they are....X-Kaliber says that he's the person most deserving of being the SWA Champ and challenges "The One" Cody Only to a Title match. Cody comes out with members of LSD(Idolbane and Uncle Filthy) with him. Cody accepts the match for the main event.

1st Match
Morgan Williams(Legion) vs Scott Fury(Team OutKast)
Winner: Fury, When Big Al jumped Fury, till Kid Krazzy made the save.

2nd Match
Christopher Lee vs JR Special
Winner: JR Special

3rd Match
Legion's Big Al vs TJ "Buck Nasty" Wells
Winner: Buck Nasty, when Morgan jumped TJ. OutKast Made the save setting up a tag match for Semi-main

4th Match
Legion's Joshua Cross vs LSD's Uncle Filthy
Winner: Cross tried like hell, but the 7ft monster from Hoboken, NJ was able to hit "The 2:10 to Hoboken" to put Cross away

5th Match- Semi
Legion's Morgan & Al vs Team Outkast
Winners: Legion, via every dirty trick in the book.

6th Match- Main
Legion's X-Kaliber vs LSD's "The One" Cody Only
Winner: No Contest, as Cody was able to hit the big spinebuster, Legion hit the ring and started jumping Cody. LIGHTS OUT...Lights come back on....Cody Only's not in the ring.....LIGHTS OUT....When the lights come back on Legion is surrounded by Cody, Idol, Fury, Kid, TJ, and JR Special. Legion takes some shots, then tries to return to the back...Halfway up the ramp they are met by Uncle Filthy. Legion retreats and tries to run out the Front Door, only to be met by Big Dog, Cujo with his Chain. Legion is the SWA guys start the beat down...everyone is fighting all around the ring. SWA gets the upper hand as Cujo delivers his 747 finisher on Big Al at the same time Uncle Filthy hits "the 2:10 to Hoboken" on C. Lee. Then Uncle Filthy recovered his best friend and Left shoe, Big Van. Van and Filthy had a very touching reunion. Crowd was chanting SWA during this whole time. 

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