Friday, August 13, 2010

RRO Official Statement..

----Here is something I just wanted to say.

----When reporting on a business that is surrounded in secrecy, you can not get everything 100% correct. I do my best to get the facts, but has been proven [even in legit media] that the actual events that happened can be viewed differently by each person.  I heard everything from powerbombs to roll ups to heat exhaustion. I also heard from everything from what we reported to "he is going to be ok" to "he is on life support."  I am trying to get the facts as much as the people surrounding the situation can give me.  

----I also got this in an e-mail, "They also said that he is incoherent and is basically on life support. This type of situation should have never happened because if the person who was in the ring with him was taking care of Jeremy he wouldn't be in a Hospital bed right now fighting to stay alive."

-----So, I continue to report what comes in and will try to keep everyone in tune to the situation.  Athena Eclipse posted this on her Facebook today and pretty much says it.
"Wishes she knew the TRUE story and facts!! Please pray for Jeremy and his family!!!"
----I do not reveal sources.  I have to have a trust with my sources and I protect them.  As loosely ethical the wrestling business might be and some of you may not see me as a legit journalist, but to write a blog you to follow the basic journalism codes of ethic. 
----Finally, I have to state [and this is first time I think I have to say where I didn't get something], but I did not talk to Terrance Ward at anytime about this situation.