Monday, August 23, 2010

RRO's Continuing Coverage of the Jeremy Wood Tragedy

----Here are some more notes on the Jeremy Wood Tragedy.

----I am going to continue to cover this as long as we have info coming in.  Please understand that some of things posted here are coming from various sources.  RRO is reporting what is being said and you can make your own decision on what happened.  

----I would like to say that as of last Saturday, the sources on the side of the "training camp" have pretty much dried up.  I am not sure if they have been told not to talk, but I have not heard anything from anyone.  I was suppose to get more comments from Cujo on various things, but he never did send anything.  I also contacted a few people that claimed to be there during the training session and all of them declined to talk.  

----I would also clear up something that was posted on the message board.  David Walls was not involved in the training of Jeremy Wood during the incident.  There was some confusion by at least one person on that.  

----Now on to a few things to add to the story..

----Infinite [who claims to be close to the family] posted the following on the Kayfabe Message Board..

His lungs were fine.
Skull fracture is up in the air. What is true though is that his brain swelled something massive. Brain swelling occurs from head trauma and massive brain swelling occurs from massive head trauma.
He was in Iraq and the army would have discharged him if he had seizures.
Chances of a seizure resulting, if it did happen, are MUCH higher from head trauma than from overheating.
Cujo is about 6'6" or taller from what I remember being in the ring with him.
I am 5'11" and Jeremy was about 5'8" or shorter.
Cujo probably weighs from 280lbs to 300lbs. Jermey less than 200lbs.
I know that back when I trained that the guys who weighed less worked with people in their weight class during training to prevent this kind of thing from happening. Cujo should not have been training Jeremy...the end.

----Chobham [who claims to have been a good friend of Jeremy] had this to say.

This is a crock of shit. I'm reading this garbage about Jeremy "overheating" and going into a seizure.

We're talking about a 21 year old kid who was fit enough to spend a YEAR fighting war in Iraq in 120 degree heat with full body armor and pack getting overheated because of some front rolls and clotheslines?

And we're supposed to believe that front rolls, clotheslines and chops separated his lungs, fractured his skull, and paralyzed him?

----I had the following in my e-mail yesterday. 

I spoke with one of Jeremy's family members today. To answer a few of the questions, here is what I was told by the family member.
1) The powerbomb and "rough training" from Cujo took place the DAY BEFORE Jeremy actually fell out.
2) the bleeding intercranially, was most likely caused by a fracture, and the bleeding and swelling of the brain had been taking place since the DAY BEFORE he fell out.
3) the DAY that he fell out, all he was doing was front rolls and such.
4) the decision to take him off of the ventilator was made because he SEEMED to be doing better, and according to the family member, he unexpectedly crashed about 30 minutes after he was taken off the ventilator.
5) The National Guard is assisting with the funeral costs 
6) An investigation of the event is in progress by authorities and investigators.
If all this is true, and there is no reason to not believe the family member, then it seems that Cujo TECHNICALLY told the truth about what happened when Jeremy fell out but only alluded to the previous days roughness when Cujo mentioned the handprints on his chest were from the day before. 
 ----RRO Announcer of the Year 2009, Terrance Ward, had the following to say about Jeremy in his latest blog post.

I am going to now focus my attention on a situation that I have reported on at My former announcer partner, from the ASWF in Tuckerman, AR, passed away August 18 from injuries he sustained at Newport’s Southern Wrestling Alliance (SWA). Jeremy was on active duty with the Army National Guard and served one tour in Iraq last year. He also worked on a couple of TV Shows with me with the ASWF. I saw potential in Jeremy when I began working with him, although at first I felt he should not be involved in wrestling period. Jeremy was a very shy person when it came to speaking in front of large crowds.

I tried working with Jeremy on several occasions to break him out of the shy shell he was in and reveal the announcer he could be. But before I could work with him on developing his own style, he was given an opportunity to announce for the SWA. The deal he was given is if he would announce for them and leave ASWF they would train him to wrestle. Now I don’t know the facts about what happened to Jeremy, nobody does, except for Jeremy and the ones who were training him.
----And what I considered a very bold statement by Ward.
Stories have circulated the internet on what happened to him. It is in my personal opinion that Jeremy’s injuries he sustained at SWA are what killed him. If there is criminal evidence found to charge someone one with I hope that God brings the people responsible for his death to justice. If there is no evidence found to support that a crime was committed I hope that for wrestling sake we can push through this difficult time that is to come. On behalf of all of us from Xtreme Elite Sports Entertainment and everyone in the Mid-South we send our condolences to the family of Jeremy Wood.
----Please continue to join us here at RRO, we will continue to follow this story and keep you updated.