Thursday, August 05, 2010

RRX: Jerry Lawler Answers Corey Maclin's Statement!!

----This was an e-mail that I am assuming Jerry Lawler wrote to the area TV stations. We got a copy of it in my e-mail last night and thought I would share it with the reads.

----First for those that have not been following the Lawler vs Maclin story, then CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE and then CLICK HERE.

On July 11, 2010, Corey Maclin issued a statement trying to explain why I had filed a lawsuit against him in General Sessions Court. His statement, or "smokescreen" as it turns out to be, says many things. I will address all of these things in my answer, but the most telling thing about his statement, is what it doesn't say. It doesn't say he didn't do what I am suing him for, and that is, fraudulently claiming that he owned the rights to Memphis Championship Wrestling archive film footage, while knowing that I own all the rights to said footage, and then fraudulently conveying--by selling for the sum of twenty-thousand dollars--those same rights to individuals for the purpose of copying and producing DVD's of said footage that are now being sold at live wrestling events and on the internet worldwide. Maclin's statement did not deny the allegations because he did exactly that.

Now to answer Maclin's "statement", Corey Maclin stated that I had a "convicted felon", Joe Cooper, file a lawsuit on my behalf. The truth is, I filled out the lawsuit and am acting as my own attorney. Never once on the lawsuit or any document does Joe Cooper's name appear. Joe Cooper is a longtime friend of mine and is best known for working undercover with the FBI and helping to put some corrupt Memphis politicians behind bars. Joe Cooper did me the favor of dropping off the lawsuit I had filled out at the Courthouse while I caught a flight out of town. The only way Corey Maclin knows that Joe even delivered the lawsuit papers is because of a longtime "special relationship" Corey has with a young lady who works in the Court Clerk's Office. Corey's smokescreen statement tries to shift attention off himself and onto Joe Cooper's past. At the same time, Maclin fails to mention that his Chief Campaign Manager and the man who advises Corey on every move to make in his current bid for County Clerk, Bret Thompson, is himself a convicted felon and a disbarred lawyer.

Corey then says he "worked very closely with me over the years and made me a lot of money along the way." The truth is, my business partner, Jerry Jarrett and I hired Corey off the street where he was selling ads for a local weekly newspaper and put him on our television show and made him a lot of money along the way. Corey has never accomplished one thing in the wrestling business without my involvement. Corey says that, "when my star started to fade, and I was no longer the major draw that I used to be, that he continued to keep me in the spotlight!" That's laughable! Through hard work and perseverance, I have enjoyed one of the most successful careers in sports entertainment history. For the past 17 years, and to this very day, I have wrestled on and hosted the most watched and highest-rated show on all of cable television, WWE's Monday Night Raw on USA Network. It is the longest running weekly episodic television show in history, and is seen by over a half billion people worldwide every week. I currently host the weekly national television program, WWE Superstars on WGN. I appear on the new TV program, Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling, on channel 50 here in Memphis every Saturday morning. I am the voice of THQ video games, WWE Smackdown vs Raw and the new WWE All Stars that sell millions of units worldwide each year. Corey Maclin only wishes his star was "fading" like mine!

Corey's statement says that "he believes my lawsuit is political in nature and that he always knew I was a Republican." In fact, I am an Independent. I vote for the most qualified candidate, not a party or logo. Maclin said he "was stunned to find out I had a sign in my yard supporting a man who as far as he knew, I had never met." That man is Wayne Mashburn, Corey's opponent for Shelby County Clerk. The truth is, I have met Wayne Mashburn. Wayne Mashburn is my friend. Therefore I know that Wayne, like his Father, also my friend, "Sonny" Mashburn, who was Shelby County Clerk for over 30 years, is by far the more qualified candidate. Corey also stated that he believed "his wish not to be involved in my new project" also led to the lawsuit. My new project, Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling show was not started until after I discovered Corey had betrayed my trust. Never was Corey asked or even considered to be a part of this new show. As a matter of fact, because of Corey's past track record with Channel 50, the only way I was able to get my new show on the air was to assure them that Corey Maclin did not have anything to do with the show.

Corey Maclin says that I am disenchanted with the Memphis political scene since my last run for Mayor. What has me disenchanted about Memphis politics is that a man like Corey Maclin--who betrays his partners and friends, has been sued numerous times, owes court judgements totaling $171,203.36, owes back taxes on three businesses totaling nearly $35,000.00, and is subject to an IRS lien of nearly $6,000.00--can even run for office and be considered a viable candidate.

Thank you,

Jerry Lawler

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