Thursday, August 05, 2010

RRX: RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 7.31.10

----NBW last Saturday in Newbern, TN featured the return of Eric Wayne and the debut of Mr. Wrestling 3000.

After National Anthem Chris Rocker comes out.  He announces that Tatt2 is not there.. Says he will find another partner.  MACW comes in through the front door and surround the ring.  Brad Badd gets on the mic but can't get a word in due to the booing.   Moore gets on the mic and talks trash to Rocker.  Rocker goes to the back and brings out the entire NBW roster.  A brawl ensues.  MACW leaves the ring.  Rocker says he WILL have a partner tonight and NBW leaves the ring. Moore gets on the mic and says this is his show and he doesnt want any NBW scrubs on his show so he announces an all MACW match.

1st match
Tim Edwards vs Kevin Charles
Edwards wins with the Redrum

2nd match
Kid Nikels vs J.R. Manson
Nikels wins with chockeslam
After the match Nikels says he wants Rocker.  He turns his back to the entrance ramp and when he turns around there is Rocker.  This starts a locker room clearing brawl.

3rd match
Big Red vs Dan Matthews.
match ends when Moore comes out and rings the bell.  He tells Matthews that MACW wants him as their first recruit.Matthews declines and MACW jumps him and Red and leaves them laying.

4th match
Oz vs J. Weezy
Oz wins  retains title

5th Match
SoBs (Mark Justice/The Kid] vs Southern Heritage (Shannon Lee & Tommy Redneck)
SoBs win.  After the match Heritage attacks the SoBs and Mad Money Mike and leave them laying

6th match
Rocker & Mr Wrestling 3000 (Stan Lee under a mask as he lost his NBW career last week) vs Kid Nikels, Brad Badd, and Blaine Devine
Rocker & Mr Wrestling win

Post match  saw Eric Wayne return to NBW he jumps in to help NBW by attacking Nickels.  Nikels chokeslams Wayne twice and MACW leave.  Afterwards Wayne gets on the mic and challenges Nikels to a street fight next week

Good show.  Building is just super hot(crowd and temperature)   crowd seems to be picking up.  Everyone knew it was Stan under the mask but they never unmasked him.

credit Wrestling Messengers

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