Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RRX: Sam Lassiter Responds...

----Sam Lassiter sent in a response to Sir Mo. 

Dear Mr.Tramel its stated in Sir Mo's column: I never contacted you about working with you, nor had I planned to do so, so stop telling your lies trying to put yourself over. You`re just another one of those weekend wanna be promoters, that don`t have a clue, and think that a crowd of twenty people is drawing a big house. Oh my god are you serious. Sam Lassiter you are a no body in this business and to even suggest that I contacted you is as dumb as you thinking you`ll ever draw decent money with a crew of guys that don`t even look like wrestlers, or know what a lock up is. Dude get a life because obviously you don`t have one.. Well the fact is that this never happened, but on Wednesday, August 4th 2010 Austin Lane "Bryan Underwood" did text the promoters phone posing as Sir Mo trying to book Austin Lane....... So it would be greatly appriceated if these false comments about Sam Lassiter be deleted.

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