Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sir Mo "Letter to the Editor Part 2"

----I received another letter from Sir Mo that he wanted to share with the readers of RRO.  I am also talking with Mo about doing a regular column for the site.  As I stated in the earlier post, if anyone wants to respond to this, I will post your response also.

Thanks for your insight man. And I appreciate all that you do for the good of the business. I`m so frustrated right now, I spent more than 100,000 dollars on cameras and equipment. Wanting to get this company going for the young guys, man I never thought that they would be so ungrateful or unappreciative. People calling me up, telling me how much they`ve done for me. I`m wondering when all this happened. No one has given me anything, if anything I have more than given back to this business. I drove from NC and work for peanuts for people, when they have made money. I`ve booked for people and never ever took a pay off, and got screwed. I guess I`m just fed up man. When you are dying and have nothing else to lose, you look at things a lot differently. The people that you`ve helped that don`t make the same sacrifices for you, are not truly your friends.

I can truly say that Alan Steele is my friend. Dan Holman my business partner is truly my friend. I am developing a really good relationship with Austin Lane, Terrence Ward and Osby Thomlin. VMan has always been my boy. Brian Tramel you and I  - I don’t believe have ever had any heat, and I appreciate what you do. I don`t believe I have heat with Brian Thompson, and I like him. Jon Michael has always been a close friend. Golden Boy I`ve always liked, even though he`s accused me in the past of things I had no control over. And told me the boys didn`t respect me, well that`s fine.I wasn`t trying to get their respect, I was trying to teach them.

He and anyone can say what they want, but the truth of the matter is this, I guarantee you can’t name one time Brian Christopher, Jerry Lawler, and some of the other veterans in the Memphis Tennessee area has spent as much time sitting and talking with the boys telling them how it is. Spending hours at a time working out with the boys for free showing them things they needed to know, or better yet, Spent money flying in Dr. Tom Pritchard on my own dime to come in evaluate them, and tell them what they needed to do to make it in this business.

All of the guys in that area if they had broken into the business when I did, would not be in the business, Because when I broke in, you paid to get in, and it wasn’t no 500 dollars, or someone trained you, while you worked it off. No I paid 5000. And I was damn near run to death my first day of training. Guys say they respect this business.  But, they still they disrespect the people that broke them into it, or forget the people that opened the door for them. They need to remember one thing, had not the door been opened for them, there wouldn’t be a playing field they could play on.

This business use to be an exclusive club, and only membership had it’s privilege, now it’s open to the public, hell even the marks are promoting wrestling shows now. Lord help us, and people wonder why some of these shows don’t draw any money? It’s because the fans don’t wanna pay their money to see a guy on the show that looks like them. They wanna fantasize about seeing movie stars, and the girls fantasize about being with movie stars.

Before I go I just wanna tell Jeff McDonald something. This business is a work, I was the best friend you could have had in this business. You had the inside track on so much, and I helped you out way more than you ever helped me. Friends don’t call up friends cursing when they have issues, they call up and say hey man “what’s going on? I just read or heard about something that was posted on the web, what was that all about?” Well to answer a question the comments made earlier simply was to tell the story of how XCW came into existence, and how we had planned to film our shows. My remarks were not to be negative, but yet constructive criticism for Jeremy. If you can’t take constructive criticism in this business then it will eat you alive. It’s suppose to be a learning experience for him. Jeff Jeremy is a grown man now, please let him grow up and stand on his own two feet. You and I are gonna die one day and he is gonna be on his own, let him learn right now while he’s got the chance to learn, and not just from any old weekend wrestler, but from as Downtown Bruno has said many times, someone who made there living doing it, and knows what he`s talking about.

Until next  time Brian Tramel I just have one question for you!!    What`s the PO?