Thursday, August 12, 2010

RRX: SWA Statement about Jeremy Wood

----Sam Lassister sent in the following.

Dear Mr.Tramel:

Once again i get to email you on a false statement. I do not know who sent this information to you,  "I just was told that local SWA announcer Jeremy Wood [who had also worked at ASWF] is in critical care due to a training [announcer training to be a wrestler] accident last night. I did not get any full details on the accident other than they were being "rough" on him and he fell bad on his neck.  We will post more details as soon as we get them."  Mr.Wood was not roughed up and he did not fall on his neck. He got over heated,  got out of the ring to set down and had a seizure, hes still in the hospital with blood on his brain but will be ok and hopefully released in a few days.  I have been getting negative calls and text messages all day about people reading this and believing we beat his a**. Mr. Tramel if you could please correct this because I don't want people reading false information about this guy or my company.