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Turnbuckle Madness - David Haskins - by George Wren

----George sit down to talk to David Haskins/Rich for this week's Turnbuckle Madness. 

"Turnbuckle Madness"
with George Wren
David Haskins

GW: When were you born?
DH: October 30, 1962

GW: Where were you born?
DH: Memphis,TN

GW: What is your height and weight?
DH: 6ft. 230lbs

GW: Where are you currently residing at the present time?
DH: Reno, Neveda

GW: What made you decide to move to Reno?
DH: Sales I cover the west side of the US selling water pumps.

GW: Are you still working or have you officially retired from the ring?
DH: I wrestle 2 to 3 times a year.

GW: Who gave you your first break in the business?
DH: Eddie Gilbert gave me my first break with Bill Watt's Mid-South. In the NWA Dusty Rhodes was the booker and told Johnny and I we was going to be the next Rock "N" Roll Express but 2 weeks later Eddie and Ric Flair got into it in New Orleans and we left with Eddie. A month later Bob Armstrong called me with the Davey Rich deal and it was the best part of my career.

GW: What made you leave Continental?
DH: I stayed in Continental for about 2 years until Dundee took the booker job and he put himself and Adrain Street as the babyface tag team. The territory did not last much longer after that. David Woods who owned Continental bought USA from Ron Fuller in Knoxville and made the territory complete again. I stayed in USA for the 1 year it lasted.
Johnny and Davey Rich

GW: What promotions have you worked for?
DH: I have worked Memphis, Mid South (Bill Watts) teamed with Shane Douglas also in Rookie of the year gimmick, WOW (Bert Prentice), USA (Fuller) worked as Davey Rich in USA and Bob Armstrong was the booker. Brad recommended me as a partner for Johnny Rich (Party Boyz gimmick), Continental teamed with Johnny Rich ,WCW, Puerto Rico (booked by Ken Wayne) Memphis, Second stint in Memphis (teamed with Marcus Dupree), WWF (jobber)

GW: Speaking of Marcus Dupree who you brought into Memphis(USWA) in the mid 90's and even tagged up with. How did you and Marcus come about?
DH: I met Marcus Dupree through Steve Armstrong. He lived with me for about 3 months as I trained him. Great athlete. If he had of wanted to stay in wrestling he certainly could of made it.

GW: What titles have you held?
DH: USA Tag Title (with Johnny Rich)

Johnny-Tommy-Davey Rich
GW: Who trained you?
DH: I was trained by Don Bass

GW: Do you remember your first match?
DH: Yes, my first match I tagged with Johnny Wilhoit vs Iron Mike Sharpe & Eddie Gilbert with Jimmy Hart

GW: What year did you work for Memphis (first round)?
DH: I stretched it from January 84 thru 1999 last match was on WWF Shotgun Saturday Night vs. Road Dogg Jesse James. I got kicked in the chin and had to have 15 stitches said I am hanging it up after that. It is a shame that guys like Derrick King and Kevin White cannot work every night I am sure they would have been stars in the old territory days.

GW: What is your highlight(s) of your career?
DH: Highlights were a rib pulled on me by Eddie Gilbert and Terry Taylor they put me over the last night in Jonesboro,Arkansas in the Main Event and Terry was the TV Champ and was to face. Also working as Davey Rich teaming with Johnny Rich and Scott Armstrong was great being in the main event every night against the Rock and Roll Rpm's (Tommy Lane & Mike Davis (Great Guys), winning the USA version of the Cyclone Stampede and winning the tag belts in a sold out Knoxville Civic Center. Working WCW and being in the ring with The Skyscrappers (Dan Spivey & Sid Vicious) for about 30 days straight. Working the Great American Bashes in every major arena. They talked a little about pushing us but nothing happened but it was a great time. Working Puerto Rico I wish I could have stayed but went back to save my marriage that did not get saved! I should have stayed LOL!

GW: Do you keep up with today's product?
DH: No! I don't watch today's product

GW: With so many talent coming through the Memphis area why do you feel like you didn't get the push you deserved?
DH: I never regretted once not getting pushed in Memphis I learned a lot and made some great friends. Eddie Gilbert, Jerry Jarrett, Jerry Lawler, Jerry Calhoun, Carl Fergie all were great guys.

GW: Your favorite part of the business?
DH: My favorite part of being in the business was being around the boys and the fans. The wrestling fans are the best. They are not fair weathered if they like you they stay with you!

GW: Would you ever work for Memphis again?
DH: I would love to do some shows in the Memphis area. I have not been home in over a year.

GW: David on behalf of myself and RRO, and The Wrestling Observer I would like to thank you and wish you much success in your future endeavors.
DH: I would like to thank you guys as this brought back a lot of memories and you guys are my only way to keep up with the Memphis Wrestling Scene. Thanks George and Brian!

photo credit: David Haskins collection (first pic: Johnny & Davey Rich.... second pic: Johnny,Tommy, & Davey Rich)

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