Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update from Gene Jackson

----Update from Gene...
I've had some people ask what I've been up to since I've seemingly "fell off the face of the earth" recently at least as RRO is concerned. So, I decided to ride up here to McDonalds to update everyone, since I got rid of my cable a few weeks back. I decided I was spending too much time on the internet and watching t.v. so I decided to cancel my cable for a few months and focus on other's been a really great decision.

Gene Jackson
I've completely lost track of the current wrestling scene other than what people post on facebook status updates and it doesn't sound like I've missed a lot. Life is really good right now....I've gotten engaged and we've been spending a lot of time together traveling around and having fun. I will probably go without cable for a couple more months then I'll get it back and try to start posting regularly the meantime I will periodically make the trip up here to Mickey D's and post columns and such. I hope to get back in the ring around October or November and do a few more matches, perhaps with a new gimmick......I'm also looking at possibly helping run some shows here in Alabama.......If anyone needs to get in touch with me about anything.........feel free to email me at (I check it on my blackberry) or hit me up on facebook.

thanks for reading