Friday, August 13, 2010

Update on Jeremy Wood!

----I just got off the phone with ASWF owner David Walls and he just spoke with the father of Jeremy Wood.  Here is what Walls was told.

-Jeremy has blue and red marks of hand prints of at least 5 different hands from chops.

-He has not been conscious since the training session.

-He was powerbombed by Cujo.

-He hit the mat so hard that it separated his lungs.

-He has bleeding on his brain.

----We will keep following this story as closely as we can.  Our thoughts are with the family and Jeremy.

----I just got off the phone with Cujo who said this incident occurred  after a series of front rolls.  He got out of the ring and what is believed was a seizure happened next.  Cujo commented that people offered him water or Gatorade. All he did was front rolls and closelines. The chop marks were actually from the day before.

Credit: David Walls and thanks to HJB for the call. And appreciate Cujo responding so quick.