Friday, August 27, 2010

Wayne's World "Secrets of the South" by Eric Wayne

----Here is Eric Wayne's new column.

Secrets of the South
When you take a look at RRO or WNC, one thing always seems apparent. Too many shows with bad talent. But I think we've all read enough negative things in the last couple of weeks so I won't gripe about bad talent anymore. Let's face it, most of us recognize bad talent when we see it...if not then maybe YOU are the bad talent.

I've read so much about "so n so" working for a decade or more but he's still horrible. We can all say that by then, you should have a job if you're talented right? Not necessarily. Look at Alan Steel, TGB, Derrick King, Jon Micheal, Stan Lee, Pokerface..the list goes on. All of these guys should have contracts or gone farther than they have. I'm not knocking them either, they're among the most respected guys in this area and have done a lot outside of here as well. But why haven't they done more?? Its hard to say since we all have our own lives outside of wrestling...I'm actually glad that they're around now because without them, I wouldn't have learned as much as I have. Enough about them though, this column is about the other secrets of the south.

Awhile back I wrote about indy legends, the guys that at any minute you could see on national TV and not be surprised because they've been in the business and know what they're doing. The next couple of guys are ones that have just started in the last few years and are taking all the advice they can to improve. Its what this business desperately needs. Someone that's hungry to make it the next level and isn't content going to the same weekend shows. 

The first guy is someone that I finally had the chance to wrestle recently at NEW and he didn't let me down. In fact, I started putting him over to TGB the next time we talked. I'm not sure how long he's been wrestling but he has a bright future ahead of him. He's one of those guys that doesn't seem to care what you need or want out of him, he'll do it the best he can as long as he's safe. There aren't very many guys like that around here. So many guys have a hard time taking constructive criticism but he takes it all in and WANTS to be better. Jon Allen is his name and if you don't know him yet, you will. He came to NEW a couple of months ago and is now a mainstay for as long as he is available. If you see his name on the card, buy a ticket and enjoy!

Another guy that I consider a secret of the south is Shawn Reed. The first time I met him was in 2004 when we were doing TV in Columbus, MS with Robert Gibson. He wasn't around for long and there was a reason for that..he had yet to become the performer he is today aka he sucked! I can say that now and not worry about getting any heat because Shawn knows how much I respect him and that I wouldn't say anything that wasn't true. He had potential 6 years ago and he is still capitalizing on it. He's become one of the most consistent guys in this area and a guy I consider a big secret right now. Being in the ring with Shawn is always fun because no matter what, you know it'll be an easy night. He understands the psychology of a match and is so good on the mic that you can't help but enjoy him. He's a bit bigger than Jon but you'd never notice it the way he moves, at times. Shawn considers himself a "bottom rope luchador" but is no different than anyone else...if he feels safe, he'll do whatever you want.  Again, if you see his name on the a ticket!

There are a lot more people out there that have the potential to do big things. Whether or not they actually do it is up to them. In a business that can kill you one day or give you a money-making career the next, its hard to justify the risks we take. Its hard to explain driving hundreds of miles and coming home with very little. It takes a lot of dedication, heart, pride and time to be the best and the ones who are truly deserving sometimes never make it. Thankfully for all of us, they don't give up. Its a never say die attitude for all of us. Without the generations before us, we wouldn't have anyone to learn from and there would be no indy legends. There would be no secrets of the south. Without some sort of guidance, none of us are any better than the next guy. Its what you do with the critiques you're given that make up the wrestler you become. If the indy legends and secrets of the south are any indication, business is actually picking unfortunately just have to try really hard to find the bright spots.