Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Arena Report: EWA Rector, AR 9.18.10

----Arena Report from Saturday night in Rector, AR.

----Biscuit and Koko Anderson came out to welcome the crowd.  Good pop.  They introduced Bryan Archer as the EWA commish and he announced a tournament for the title, but not sure when/where??  Cookie St. James came out to announce that the "Missouri Bad Boys" were not going to be there, but he would find a partner to wrestle Biscuit/Koko later in the night.

----Lord Humongous won a Battle Royal. I hate Battle Royals, but this one was quick. [DUD]
----Midnight Cowboy beat James Arnez. Nothing bad, but nothing great.  It was just a basic match from two guys that know what they are doing. Cowboy pinned Arnez using the tights. [*]

----Canadian Phoenix beat Big Indian Quixote.  Indian tried, but nothing much.  No psychology and Phoenix [Biscuit under a hood] looked weak in his offense.  Humongous interfered - not sure the finish, but I think Phoenix won. [DUD]

----"Doc" beat Canadian Phoenix.  Doc came out and challenged Phoenix after Indian/Humongous brawled to the dressing room.  Bad match, but fast. Doc should not be in the ring. [DUD]

----Street Fight: Adrian Banks beat Blackjack and Youngblood.  Not a great match, but fans seem to like the hard shots from various things like signs and chairs.  Banks hit Blackjack with a wiffleball bat of thumbtacks and he had about 25 stick in his head.  That was the highlight of the bout for me. Everyone bled. [**]

----Koko Anderson & Biscuit beat Cookie St. James/Youngblood. Short match with Youngblood getting pinned after a double team move by the champs. [DUD]

----C-Money beat Southside Brawler in the best bout of the night.  Just a good basic psychology match with some good shine at the start.  C-Money hit a dive to the outside.  Brawler was crisp and smooth with everything. C-Money worked real hard here.  Crowd was into the match.  Pretty dropkick from Brawler.  C-Money missed a moonsault.  C-Money pinned with a rollup with a win. [***1/4]

----"Asylum" [Pappy/Psycho] beat Tim Edwards/Suicide. A solid bout with perfect psychology.  Everybody look good in the bout. Crowd was sooo hot for Psycho.  Psycho did his signture moves including a flying elbow that always makes me wonder - how did a guy that size get up that high??  Heat on Psycho.  Hot tag was flat, but they finished Suicide off for the win and got a pop. [***]


-----160+ in the building.  Crowd was pretty lively!!...Tia Blaylock/www.wrestlingnewscenter.com was in the house!!  She sat right in front of the RRO crew [Karly,me, Misty and BFF Stacy]...Biscuit and Koko are the EWA Southern Tag Team Champions. Seriously..I am not kidding...Rector regulars and FB friends Kandace and Tracy were in attendance...Why would you not put Arnez over big time??  Rector is a town that you would push Arnez, Psycho and Pappy.  They live about 15 mins from the place.  The promotion did take advantage of using the "Asylum", but missed the boat on Arnez...Blackjack - how much did you get paid??  You are an idiot taking those thumbtacks!!...Too bad Cookie does not work on regular basis - he would win Manager of the Year hands down.  And let me just say, he has always had an unquie perspective of the business and is very smart.  Entertaining to listen to him backstage...Koko looks like a mini-Sir Mo. LOL  He did perfect with only one move...The RRO crew called "Doc" the "Tye-Dye Nightmare" [maybe Tia will have photos!], but decided that we should call him the "Tye-Dye Tragedy" because Ken Wayne would be mad. LOL!...Koko & Biscuit have to be given credit for working the town - 160 is probably one of the better Rector numbers during the RRO years.  And, besides ASWF, that number is tops for wrestling in this part of Arkansas this year...Southside actually sit in the crowd for the first bout and then walked backstage to say hello and they ask him to work.  He said that it was his last bout.  He wrestled in his clothes...Karly mentioned this being "Mississippi Wrestling," so I had to go back and look at the Thrasher card from last year. [CLICK HERE] And, the guys in Mississippi will be proud to know - this show was worse overall than their show. On a scale from 1 to 5, the Thrasher show scored a 1.4 and this show 1.2, so they were close.  The difference being that two matches on this show were better than anything on the Thrasher show, but none of the bouts leading up to those bouts were nothing except the thumbtacks to the head.  I had a much better time at this show than the Thrasher show though - mainly because it was less than a hour drive and not as hot...No shows were "Missouri Bad Boys", Motley Cruz and 187...They are planning to return 10.30.10, but that will be a hard date to do, if they don't do something with Halloween..."Asylum", C-Money, Biscuit and Koko got good babyface pops.  None of the heels really got over, except maybe Brawler...These guys have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to promote on a regular basis, but started good with a base crowd.  I would have added a couple of Rector regulars like "TGB" Greg Anthony and JR Manson to the show also. The only thing is when you give the fans something like this, sometimes they will not return.  I have seen bad shows at ASWF, but they still have good crowds.  A small town like this can be run maybe once a month and has to been worked with advertising...Thanks to the cast and crew!!  Fun time was had by all!!