Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Arena Report: NBW Summer-Jam 2010 Newbern, TN 9.25.10

----Arena Report from Saturday night.

Devonci backdroping Charles
3000 Thesz pressing Moore

----Mark Devonci beat Kevin Charles in a good opening match. Devonci is really over here and had a decent opening match. This was considered a "dark" match and started before the show.  [**1/2]

----C-Money beat J-Weezy & Hardcore Yow for the High Risks Title.  Let me say a few good things about this match.  All the moves were really good and nothing looked sloppy.  All three guys looked good and worked super hard. 
C-Money is over tons here. The problem is that they are doing threeway [giggity] and hard to follow any kind of direction or psychology. Lots of hardcore stuff with tacks, chairs and bats. Too much blood early and match went too long. [**]

SOBs" [Mark Justice/Kid] with Auburn Thunder beat "Southern Heritage" [Tommy Redneck/Shannon Lee] with Mad Money Mike to win the NBW Tag Team Titles. The match started out good, but totally fell apart with no psychology or anything. Nice reverse hotshot from Redneck to Kid. All in all – Mark looked good and that was about it.  [*]
----Mr. Wrestling 3000 [ Stan Lee] kept his mask and defeated Jeremy Moore to win the MACW Title in the best bout of the show. Lee’s…I mean Mr. 3000’s body has improved lots.  Match started out hot!  Moore took some stiff stuff outside the ring in front of announcer’s desk.  Bulldog out of the corner from Moore.  Tiger bomb from Lee.  I think both guys used the RKO.  Lee finished him with a frogsplash. Lee did such a great job selling him winning the belt.  [***1/2] 

----Dutch Mantell beat Sarge O'Reilly.  Nothing spectacular, but a perfect match.  Does that make sense??  Too old pros just working and doing very little to get reactions, but getting them.  Short arm closelne from Mantell.  Sarge was heeling here, but the crowd was not buying it.  Sarge went to use powder, but Mantell kicked it to his face for the pin and win. [**1/2]
----“Team MACW” [Tim Edwards/Kid Nikels/Brad Badd] beat “Team NBW” [Chris O'Neal/Eric Wayne/Seth Knight] for MACW to win control of Newbern in the other really good bout of the show. O’Neal was the surprise member of the team. [although we told it here on RRO on Friday!!] This was elimination style. This was just a match with a bunch of strategically placed spots to get over everyone leading up to their elimination.  All the guys that are good looked good and the others did a decent job. Wayne did a huge flip dive over the top turnbuckle to the crowd.  Seth pinned Badd.  Kid pinned Seth.  Kid hit a double chokslam on O’Neal & Wayne that looked awesome!  Kid/Wayne did a series of moves that were screwed up.  Kid with a chokeslam from the top turnbuckle to pin Wayne.  Pele kick as O’Neal pins Kid.  After a little confusion Edwards pins O’Neal. [***1/3]

----Chris Rocker beat Big Red to win the NBW Title in a
Barbwire Match. Crowd was dead as this bout went to the ring after 10:30 PM.  Chair was used and I wondered why??  It is a barbwire match?!?  Both guys juiced.  Rocker won the belt after two superkicks.  Crowd was real flat.  Red beat Rocker up after the match with the chair. [maybe that is why the chair was there??] [**]


----170+ in the building, so we are looking a $1700 gate.  Good turnout!...One of the better bouts that I have seen Kevin Charles in…Two guys that have really entertained me the last few shows I have seen them on – C-Money and Mark DeVonci.
  Both guys are super over here and I would push them hard…Moore continues to improve. Lee is dressed in a plain black mask, black trunks and black amateur wrestling boots…Mantell shook my hand and put over my weight loss. LOL Sarge was real good putting him over, but the fans in this area love Sarge…”Team NBW” all came out wearing “Picture Perfect” tights. LOL Wayne got hardway in the bout and after the dive I was checking to see if everyone was alright.  O’Neal grabbed my jeans after touching Wayne’s bloody head and I had blood on my jeans.  WTH??...Edwards in two good bouts in two weekends!!  They ran an angle after that match where Moore put over he is in control now with MACW.  O’Neal then grabbed Moore, but Moore’s dad [NBW owner] Jeff McDonald would not slap Jeremy.  Kind of weird…Major criticism would be the show was wayyyyy too long.  It started before 7:30 PM with a dark match and I got in my car at 11:05 PM.  O’Neal did not come out to Bon Jovi.  He got a pop, but not a huge one like he always does…Main Event did not mean anything, because fans were so tired.   I would have also saved blood for the main event, instead of early in the show…They did put over that NEXT WEEK Moore will be in total charge as MACW takes over NBW, which was a nice touch – with an angle leading out of a big show for the next show…Thanks to NBW!  Fun time was had by all!!...Photos by Nikki Eveland. 

Jeremy Moore

O'Neal kicking Edwards