Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coach's Corner "2010: 2/3 Gone - Who Are the Award Leaders?" by Brian Tramel

----One of the most popular editions of Coach's Corner.

----The question I get the most when I post something like this is - what about "so'n'so."  I see a lot of wrestling, but I do not see EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, so it is up to the readers to post their picks and make others visible.  Post your responses on the Kayfabe Message Board!! And, I would love to read your thoughts just on my picks!!  I have also picked more than three in some categories - I am trying to give everyone a nod that deserves it.

----Wrestler of the Year - This really has to be the hardest year to pick so far. I can only think of a few guys that “stand out”. This award is not always the best worker, but mainly goes to the guy that is making the biggest impact.I honestly can not pick one guy that has stood out during the whole time.  I put over Matt Riveria for this award at the 1/3 mark, but even though he continues to help promote some good shows, he is not seen as much without RCW TV.  Derrick King may be the front runner now with him working so many dates and just being newsworthy in local promotions.  Austin Lane would also be considered with him being in the news and continuing to have good matches. He also branched out a bit this year.  I would considered maybe Greg Anthony, Jon Michael Worthington and Christian Jacobs also for their EWE/RCW work.

----MVP Performer - This has nothing to do with impact or drawing power – just what worker performs the best night after night. I have a long list of guys here and that is a good thing. Nothing has much changed in this category.  There are a lot of guys that are just performing at high levels. Pokerface, Christian Jacobs, Derrick King, Eric Wayne, Austin Lane, Greg Anthony, Stan Lee, Jon Michael Worthington, Seth Knight and Alan Steele I will have to go with Pokerface, Alan Steele and Eric Wayne as my favorites to watch this year with all the others VERY close behind.

----Tag Team – “Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] should always been mentioned here and really deserve to win it.  They are probably the only true tag team left in the area. “Premiere Brutality” [Kid Nikels/Eric Wayne] are my second pick here making an impact on Memphis Wrestling and everywhere they tag, but really don't tag as much as Psycho/Pappy. "Too Cruel" [Brian Christopher/Wolfie D] are one of my favorites, but probably by the end of the year will not even be considered. “Midnight Gold” [Greg Anthony/Bobby Eaton] have probably been featured in more angles, matches and such this year than last year, but the team is pretty much done. Is it the RRO Tag Team Curse?? “LSD” [Cody Only/Idol Bane/Deadly Dale] should also be considered.

----MVP Tag Team – Hardest working team?? “Gold” won this award last year primarily due to the fact that they were consider a “mvp” team in the sense of helping draw a crowd. Only two teams come to mind – “Devils Reject/East Coast Bad Boys" and Kid Nkels/Eric Wayne. Neither team tag enough on a regular basis, so it is a hard pick.  "Asylum" #3 here, because they do just basic solid psychology.

----Promotion – Hub City Wrestling [aka Memphis Wrestling stars on some shows] and CWA had the best crowds early this year. RCW and NEW are fun to watch, but one is dead now and one still doesn't draw. NBW has been drawing decent crowds all year long. ASWF draws the biggest overall weekly average, so I would put them first followed by probably NBW with Traditional Championship Wrestling/Showtime All-Star Wrestling as a nod for third.  It will be hard for either of those two to win, because they are a little "outside" of our comfort zone.


*Most Improved: Cody Melton, Justin Smart, Maxx Corbin, Mike Anthony, Matt Boyce, Drew Haskins, Jeremy Moore and Chris Styker
*Most Underrated: Chris Rocker [probably the most underrated worker in the area that has good matches week after week. Also in the “Alan Steele” mode of not winning an award yet from RRO.], Seth Knight, C-Money, Kevin White, Maxx Corbin, Mark Devonci [aka OZ] and Tatt2.
*Rookie: Dan Matthews, Kevin Charles, Blaine Devine [even though he got a nomination last year, he probably fits more here] and Moe Stegall.  Matthews should win, but Moe is really entertaining.
*Best Booker: Crowds it would have to be ASWF. Creativity – Brian Thompson or the SAW crew.
*Best Announcer: Brian Thompson, Brandon Baxter and Terrance Ward
*Best Manager: Rashard Devon, Frank Martin and Hollywood Jimmy
*Arena Report Match of the Year: Derrick King vs Christian Jacobs 2.27.10 Ripley, TN [****], Stan Lee vs Greg Anthony Trumann, AR 4.02.10 [***3/4], Tasha Simone/”Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] vs Worm/Suicide/Adrian Banks Paragould, AR 3.20.10 [***3/4], Austin Lane vs Mike Antony 4.03.10 Tuckerman, AR [***3/4] and Austin Lane vs Eric Wayne West Memphis, AR 8.14.10
*TV Match of the Year: Seth Knight vs Christian Jacobs [RCW], Seth Knight vs Justin Smart [RCW] and Seth Knight vs Rodney Mack [RCW]. Knight is a real good TV wrestler. Others: Kid Nikels vs Alan Steele [NEW] [Kid takes a chair], Bishop vs Carnage Antwone [IWA] and Tommy Mercer vs Stan Lee [JLMW].
*Best Wrestling Web Site: Wrestling News Center – Tia and D-Rock are two of my favorite wrestling peeps!!
*Columnist: Pokerface, TGB and Eric Wayne
*Best Ref: Downtown Bruno, Chuck Poe and Kaleb
*Best Gimmick: Ike Tucker, “LSD”, “Asylum”, "Too Cruel" and Matt Riviera
*Horizon Award: Matt Riviera, Tommy Mercer, Christian Jacobs, Pokerface, Seth Knight
*Spot Moondog Brawler of the Year: Bishop, Pappy, Adrian Banks