Sunday, September 26, 2010

Downtown Bruno Remembers Jorge Gonzalez

----Bruno sent the following in that he wanted to share about his friend.

I would like to take time here to address the passing of my dear friend Jorge Gonzales, also known as Giant Gonzalez [during his tenure with me] and Gl Gigante, when he was with WCW.  I was Jogo's [nickname short for his name]  manager the entire time he was with the WWE and not only was I his manager, but I was his friend and confidante as well aka his errand boy!  Not that I minded either...shit if I was 8 feel tall, I'd want somebody to run out and get my food and medicine too! Jogo was always a gentleman and a true friend.  He actually did something completely out of character for me one time when he was in Memphis to work a shot or 2 for USWA.  He came to Walls, MS [my hometown] and visited the old Loretta's beer joint, which has since burnt down.  He came to see me just so all my friends and neighbors could have the excitement of meeting not only TV star in our little delta town, but a giant - not only physically, but in heart as well.  I know he is in a better place now, so GOD bless you, my friend.

----I did have the opportunity to meet Jorge one time and I shared that experience with RRO in my 10.18.07 Coach's Corner.

----A quick final side note on Gonzales and my whole “not putting anybody over” line. I was in the O’Hara airport in Chicago staying a miserable hour layover, because I had missed my flight. As I was walking through the terminal, I noticed standing in the line to get on their plane was Gonzales and Junkyard Dog. I just walked up to both guys and shook their hands and said, “nice to meet you.” Gonzales’ hand was huge!! It made my hand look like a baby hand, but…….LOL The first time I told this story about me meeting these two guys, my friend from New York, Steve Mastropietro ask “So what did you think about Gonzales?” And, I responded, “Ah, he wasn’t that big…” I had just seen the biggest human being I have ever seen in my life and I wouldn’t even put him over.