Monday, September 06, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 9.4.10

----EWE from Ripley, TN this past Saturday night!!

----I really like the Ike angle here and I might get some heat for that one.  But, at one point, Ripley had the biggest black percentage of crowd in any arena.  If Ike can even make those people hate him, then he is going to be doing a great job.  And Ike was super over with his gimmick here also - should be a fun run for him...This show sounds like a real well booked show with crazy finishes that get the fans to thinking who is going to win.  A clean finish with tons of false ones leading up to it will only help them...The Rude/Seth feud sounds like a lot of fun also with Seth getting a major push here as the #2 babyface behind Christian Jacobs...RRO will be there this Saturday for the SAW tapings.  Come out and join us!! It should be interesting, since Jon Michael and Jacobs are heels on SAW TV.

*Show started off with EWE ultimate video playing as Dustin Baker and KoKo came to the ring to make announcements*

As Baker announced September 11th, SAW Nashville TV taping will be taking place next week! $8 ticket prices for this event was announced, also some confirmed talent was announced including the SAW international heavywieght champion. Also Seth Knight was announced to be defending the ultimate division championship september 11th and an interruption began and out came Ike Tucker

Ike Tucker cut a good promo on how he's always been overlooked, and how he's tired of the board of directors putting him in stupid situations and dance offs and having him do things he could care less doing! Even said he was tired of being the House Negro! Very good heat here with Ike making an open challenge to anyone in the back! No one came out so Ike said that if they won't come out, he'll drag them out. Ike went towards the back, Security guard was trying to get him to the back and Ike attacked the security guard, threw him in the ring, proceeded to beat on him, ref didn't know what to do, Ike hit the sidewalk slam, as JR manson came out and made the ref count! Really good heat, the crowd was hating Ike Tucker and JR Manson here!
Interview with Tony Gunn! Tony said he has a good friend in the company and that he was able to get him a match tonight and that he was happy to be back in ripley TN! Out comes "the ladies man" Mark Devonci! Mark said no one cares about Tony Gunn and that everyone came to see him dance, so then mark challenged Tony to a Dance off! Mark danced to his theme music, Party man by prince and it was funny! Tony didn't dance, he just made fun of Mark which got over big by the way! then went to hit Mark after he pushed him, Mark cowarded out, but Blaine Devine came out threw him back in! tony punched him and put him in the YTO as Mark Tapped out! great reaction here!!

Ultimate Division Rules-winner gets ultimate division title shot
Rockin Randy versus Blaine Devine!
No decisive advantage in the match! It was pretty back and forth here hold for hold and move for move! neither man giving an inch, Blaine hit a high cross body off the top! 12, kickout there! and then, bam superkick out of no where! slow cover, 12 kickout! couldn't believe that, Blaine got back on top, and then went to the top again to come off the top rope only to be met on the way down with another superkick! 123!
winner: 8:32 Rockin Randy!

singles competition
"ladies man" Mark Devonci versus Tony Gunn
this match, seriously was very good! Took a minute to get the crowd into it but once they had them, they had them for good! in the end, Tony Gunn mounted a comeback and got cut off! Mark pulled the turnbuckle pad off and turned to grab tony by the head! tony Gunm mini backdropped Mark down. referee was gettin the pad back on as tony gunn noticed that and was gettin back up, Mark Devonci had gotten the powder!! He was ready to hit tony with it, but tony sweeped Marks legs! Great pop here, as tony was hooking in the YTO Mark still had the powder so he threw it straight up! Tony went down blind and Mark hooked him for the pin! GREAT HEAT with the crowd and really solid match!


Out comes TGB Greg Anthony! Announcers have announced already at this point that Christian Jacobs has a handicapped match but not sure who with as far as TGB's partner! Christian Jacobs wanted a rematch with Mark Devonci but due to his actions last week at the end of the show the board decided to hold off a week on his wishes and put him in a match that would fit the circumstances better due to last week! Greg Anthony goes on to say he's been searchin all week for a partner and all night long as well! almost like he was ashamed, well he was ashamed and then he said that he wasn't really happy with his pick cuz it was kind of a last minute thing! Out comes JR Manson! The handicapped match was set! out comes Christian Jacobs to a CJ chant!!

handicapped match
Greg Anthony & JR Manson vs Christian Jacobs
This match had the crowd right where they wanted them! Great and the right kind of heat here! Everyone got over in the match as well! Couple cheap tricks between JR and Greg on CJ but CJ mounted a great comeback in the end! the people were with him all the way! somehow Greg Anthony went down and JR fed around into a great Spear!!! 123! Greg Anthony jumped on CJ ! Out comes Ike Tucker! Ike and TGB put the boots to CJ, and did a real number on him! Chaos was starting to break loose but it only got worse as Greg Anthony went to get another bag from concessions to smother CJ again! Just as Greg Anthony raised the bag to put it on CJ, the music hit and ou came Jon Michael! HUUGGEE REACTION! Jon Michael got in and cleaned house! Ike went out, Golden Boy got clotheslined over the top rope, Jon Michael helped CJ up and JR grabbed Jon Michael and threw a clothesline, Jon Michael Ducked and when JR turned back around there was a diamon cutter waiting on him! Perfect! Jon Michael said "Theres more of us! And there is more where that came from, you'll see" TONS of heat and the crowd was SOOOO loud for this! Awesome awesome reactions!!

winner: 15:46 Christian Jacobs

main event: Ultimate Division Champonship!
NXN Rude versus Seth Knight(c)
Just as the referee was about to ring the bell Rude clocked him in the back fo the head and the ref went down hard and was knocked out! Seth was ill about what just happened, checkin on the ref, Rude attacked Seth and this match was underway wether it was sanctioned anymore or not! These guys really, REALLY got into it! Also Rude just about got into it with someone in the crowd, simpley from pure heat with Seth at that! This match was really good! A great fight and then the fight spilled out into the crowd! they faught all over the place! taking some hard bumps at that! Rude choked Seth out on the concession stand at one point, got on the crowd and seth stood up on the concessions and came off with a double axe handle! He threw rude back into the ring as Rude tried to beg off but it didn't work! as Seth beat on Rude in the corner things got heavy! Rockin Randy and Blaine Devine ran out to try and split the two up, but Rude punched Blaine, and Seth elbowed Randy down and Seth and Rude went at it again! Crowd got really hot! TTHHEENN!!! Randy turned Seth around, and Blaine turned Rude around and they began fighting them as well! A four way brawl broke out as Randy threw Seth out! Blaine and Randy worked together and put Rude down. Rude was in the corner at this point as they made their way to him, Seth got back in, turned Blaine around "SOUR FACE SILENCER"!!! pop! Randy went to superkick Seth, he caught it, spun him around "SOUR FACE SILENCER"!!!! pop!!! Rude cut Seth off and then picked him up for his finish the TKO and Seth held on and spun out, and hit a HELL OF A Sour Face Silencer on RUDE!! The people Popped as if there was a 123! the crowd LOOOVVVEEDDD it!!! loved it! Great finish to the show too!

ewe elite heavyweight champion:
"tgb" Greg Anthony
#1 contender: to be determined
ewe ultimate division champion:
"dynamie" Seth Knight
#1 contender: NXN Rude & Rockin Randy
Show as over at 10