Monday, September 13, 2010

Flash Flanagan Spoting!! posted these results yesterday.

----Flanagan, who has been a mainstay in this area for the last few years, showed up in some results from Puerto Rico.  Flanagan has worked many tours over there also.  Not sure how long it has been since he appeared here, but he actually worked at EWE and SAW last month.

-Results from 9.11.10
Flash Flanagan

--IWA from last night in Bayamon, PR:  Iron Wyre b Barbie Boy, Atomo, Sonico b Eli Rodriguez & Strky Guerrero, Lash b Havoc, Xix Xavant DDQ Diabolico, Spectro &; Rainsten b Kongs, Slash Venom (Flash Flanagan) b Joe Bravo, Savio Vega b Bronco, Rick Stanley b Dennis Rivera to keep IWA title (thanks to Manuel Gonzalez)