Sunday, September 05, 2010

Holding Court: "My SIncere Apologies" by Sir Mo

----Sir Mo turns in his FINAL column. This is one of those columns that is almost the total opposite of my views about the wrestling business.  I plan to do a counterpoint Coach's Corner sometime in the near future.

My Sincere Apologies.

I want to let it be known that this will be the last article you see or read from me on the internet or in print on the subject of professional wrestling. But before I get into my final topic I want to just say I sincerely apologize.

People are scratching their heads wondering what is it Mo is apologizing for. Well the fact of the matter is this, professional wrestling keeps a constant black eye every time there`s a death related to the ring or not, Professional wrestling gets the blame. This whole issue with Jeremy Woods’s death after looking at it, I wish I had never made any comments about it. All it has done is  make the situation with wrestling look worse. Sure the young man died, but the business is dying along with him and every death like his. So much negative press comes out of each story, everything from incompetent trainers, to drug, alcohol and steroid abuse.  Guys the only people that are suffering from this are the little man. Check this out, unless you`re a multi millionaire you can`t afford, if you`re an independent promoter to rent one of the large arena`s. Well the armory`s are starting to not allow professional wrestling in them, it`s very rare that you even get a school these days that will allow it. And all of this is due to all the constant negative publicity that is put out there and the sad part about it is, it`s the boys and not the media. Yeah I know the media is doing their part also, look at the piece done on Jeremy Wood. But what information they have about the incident comes from the boys. Guys you, we all should be ashamed.

Professional wrestling used to be a fraternal type organization, and everything I mean everything used to be kayfabed. Now the boys just talk about everything that goes on in the dressing room, to the front office. And we wonder why the business is dying. In closing I want to say this, to the first person in the wrestling business, I won’t even call him or her a professional, but to the first person in the wrestling business who did a shoot interview or wrote an internet column that opened up the business to the level it`s been opened to, thanks I hope you accomplished what you wanted to, because all the dirt sheets, and internet chat boards and even television news cast has done is kill this business.  I`m sincerely sorry for my part in it. The business needs a break from all the negativity, and we as boys, should exercise a little common sense and preserve what business we have left.  I decided that not only am I not gonna participate in the ongoing slaughter of our business by writing columns, but that the shoot video that is in production right now, I`m  pulling it off the table.

Let`s preserve what business integrity we have left ,and just  kafabe from here on out.