Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling: Facts and Figures of the First Twelve Weeks!

----Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling: Facts and Figures of the First Twelve Weeks!
----Let's take a look at the first 12 weeks of Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling.  RRO will take a look at the first 12 weeks and then we will compare that with the next 12 weeks.  There should be an increase after every 12 weeks of ratings - more people know about the show, then more people will watch it.

-The overall average ended with .7 [11337 viewers]

-Highest rated show was 7.31.10 with a 1.6 [25913 viewers].  That show featured Brian C/Wolfie D vs Jocephus & Cody Melton, Matt Boyce vs Lani Kealoha and Jerry  Lawler vs Kevin White as all original material.

-Highest rated quarter was on 7.31.10 with a 2.0 [32391 viewers] which featured Big Show vs Sabu, Interviews with Kevin White, Ga Ga Girl, Jerry Lawler and Su Yung.  That quarter ended in the middle of the White vs Lawler bout.

-Average Quarter Ratings
Quarter 1 - .5 [8231 viewers]
Quarter 2 - .6 [10257 viewers]
Quarter 3 - .8 [12956 viewers]
Quarter 4 - .9 [14522 viewers]

----As I have talked about the last few weeks, the show does have an increase as it progresses, which is a positive.  The overall average is 43% better from start to finish, which translates to about 6000 more viewers.

----How does this show compare to recent history?? Well if you look at the RRO Years [2006 - 2009], Memphis Wrestling has scored on an average of 43325 viewers.  2006 ratings were good with over 70,000 people watching the show on a weekly basis, but the shows that aired in 2009 averaged just a little over 15,000 viewers.

----"Best of" in the first 12 weeks??

-Best Match: Tommy Mercer vs Stan Lee 8.07.10

-Best Announcer: Brandon Baxter [especially when joined with Bert Prentice]

-Best Manager: Jimmy Blaylock [Garry White was only on ONE show during this period]

-Best Ref:  Chuck Poe [he had to work all THREE GaGa Girl vs Su Yung bouts!!]

-Best New Star - Matt Boyce/Tommy Mercer [tie]

-Best Team: Brian C/Wolfie D 

-Best Interview: Kevin White/Brian C [tie]

-Ratings Winner - Jerry Lawler [featured in more 4th Quarter main events]