Monday, September 06, 2010

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling is Dead!

----As reported earlier on today, Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling will not air after this weekend's show. 
----Rich reported the following..

I talked to Hollywood Jimmy after the show last night to confirm the story and he told me it’s true. He wouldn’t go into details the reason the show is going off the air but said there are a few problems and if a miracle doesn’t take place within a few days the show airing this Saturday will be the last Jerry Lawler’s Memphis Wrestling show.

----This is a story that I have been working on since about the middle of last week.  I knew that Jerry Lawler would be informing talent on Sunday night on the future of the promotion and felt it was not something to report until talent was told it was ending.  

----As Rich said, if something does not drastically change in the next few days, this coming Saturday is the last day.  The reason for this is simple.  Money going out was going to be more than money coming in.  Jerry Lawler is not going to lose money to keep a weekly show on in Memphis when it is only being seen by 11,000 people. 

----Apparently, Joe Cooper, [Lawler's partner] arranged for 12 weeks of advertising.  Lawler and Cooper had a "break up" of sorts over a new wrestling theme deli that was suppose to open with Lawler's name in mid August. This lead to Cooper not negotiating to get new sponsors or renew the current ones. The last two shows would be Lawler finishing up what sponsorship obligations he has and him putting his own money into those shows.

----If anything changes in this story, I will be reporting it.  I also will be posting the last two weeks of Ratings and Random Thoughts along with my final thoughts on the promotion next week.