Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Report Episode 13 8.28.10 Ratings and Random Thoughts

----Ratings and Random Thoughts for the 8.28.10 show.


----The show did an average rating of .7 with 11337 viewers.  The show started real slow, and then got a huge surge for the second quarter, but then they lost viewers in the 3rd Quarter.  That is not something you want to see. The 3rd quarter lost numbers and you would say it was because of the Yung vs Rachel bout, because the tag match did not drop the number or people just thought there was not going to be anymore wrestling. 
----CLICK HERE to read Larry Goodman's report.

.2 [3239 viewers]
1st Quarter - ends after Ted Dibiase interview.
1.0 [16196 viewers]
2cnd Quarter [+12957 viewers] - ends after Rachel/Su Yung match
.8 [12957 viewers]
3rd Quarter [-3239 viewers] - middle of C&D vs Kid/Wayne
.8 [12957 viewers]
4th Quarter [no change]


----Double heat in the 6-man tag.  Jocephus didn't even get in the ring. Everyone looked pretty good.  Rhino was not in much, but looked awesome doing the splash.  Goodman compared Rhino to Bam Bam Bigelow.  He does have to size, but not the agility of Bigelow. He would look much better in gear like Bigelow's though...Garry White bringing out Rachel and Kevin here was hilarious!!  The Kevin White character has really had a transformation of sorts in the last few weeks and I like it!  I like Rachel's look...Rachel vs Yung was the best match that Yung has been in on TV.  Good solid work from both. Lawler was going to hit Rachel, but got stopped.  How is that a babyface move in 2010??  Come on guys! Some of this stuff is totally outdated!!...Mark Imagliani didn't do bad on the mic...Art piece on Lawler was nice...Tag match for the tag straps was a good match, but a crappy ending as Kid/Wayne win the belts by DQ??...Brian C got caught on cam flipping the bird...Blaylock had the line of the week when talking about C&D - "blackest guys I know." LOL C&D were pretty good this week also with C saying, "You are not in charge!  You don't even belong in the business" to Lauren Jenkins...Downtown Bruno threatening the heels at the end was good.