Friday, September 10, 2010

SAW Invades EWE Saturday night!!

----Join RRO Saturday night!

----SAW will be in Ripley, TN on Saturday night to do a TV taping.  I have been told they will be taping some of the matches, but not all of them.  

----SAW is one of those lone survivors when all the other local TV shows have been left by the wayside. SAW started in July, 2007 in Millersville, TN as Southern All-Star Wrestling. It was originally Reno Riggins' TV project with TJ Weatherby as the promoter of the live shows. Paul Adams came in and was handling most of the creative end after the first few months. Jerry Jarrett started giving input when he helped them get syndication for the TV. He advised them to drop the "Southern". Hence the change to Showtime in March, 2008. They also moved from cable access to ION and then to CW58 in September, 2009. Larry Goodman reported, "I recently asked Reno about the ratings. He said they're doing about 1.0. The Nashville market has 950,000 TV homes - 2.5 million viewers,  which is roughly 25, 000 viewers per week."

----Come on join RRO this Saturday night!! Confirmed to be there: "the king" Shane Williams, Johnny Bandana, Drew Haskins, Ryan Genesis, the SAW international heavyweight champion "the Natural" Chase Stevens, Seth Knight, Christian Jacobs and Jon Michael Worthington! Show starts at 8pm belltime, tickets are $8 at the door!

Credit:  Thanks to Larry Goodman for help!!