Monday, September 20, 2010

Memphis Wrestling TV - Ratings for Final Two Weeks & What Did We Learn?

----A look at the final weeks.
----Ok, I am going to look at the ratings of the last two weeks of Memphis Wrestling along with my final thoughts.  I am not going into full detail with the ratings, because I honestly have not completely watched the last two weeks of the show.  I ask myself why should I??  So, here are the ratings.


Overall: .5 [8098 viewers]

1st Quarter - .5 [8098 viewers]
2cnd Quarter - .5 [8098 viewers]
3rd Quarter - .5 [8098 viewers]
4th Quarter - .5 [8098 viewers]


Overall:  .7 [11337 viewers]
1st Quarter - .3 [3239 viewers]
2cnd Quarter - .7 [11337 viewers] [+8098 viewers]
3rd Quarter - 1.0 [16196 viewers] [+4859 viewers]
4th Quarter - .1.0 [16196 viewers] [N/c]

Final Numbers - All 15 Weeks of Data Included

-The overall average ended with .7 [11283 viewers]

-Highest rated show was 7.31.10 with a 1.6 [25913 viewers].  That show featured Brian C/Wolfie D vs Jocephus & Cody Melton, Matt Boyce vs Lani Kealoha and Jerry  Lawler vs Kevin White as all original material.

-Highest rated quarter was on 7.31.10 with a 2.0 [32391 viewers] which featured Big Show vs Sabu, Interviews with Kevin White, Ga Ga Girl, Jerry Lawler and Su Yung.  That quarter ended in the middle of the White vs Lawler bout.

What Did We Learn About Memphis Wrestling In 15 Weeks??

-Kevin White is entertaining as hell and I miss seeing him on TV every week.

-Tommy Mercer is a monster and should be signed!!

-Su Yung still needs a lot of work!!

-Cody Melton has turned into a damn good worker.

-Derrick King doesn't have to be on every incarnation of Memphis Wrestling.

-Brandon Baxter is a hell of an announcer. 

-Kid Nikels/Eric Wayne are a good team and impressed a lot of people.

-Brian Christopher and Wolfie D can actually contribute to a TV show.  I loved the "Too Cruel" gimmick!

-Jerry Lawler still gets the top ratings on Memphis Wrestling, also proves that if it is only 11,000 people.  That is kind of like being the best player on a losing team - it really doesn't matter if you don't win!