Sunday, September 12, 2010

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 9.11.10 with Thoughts & Views by George Wren

----George Wren looks at the last Memphis Wrestling show.

Below are my thoughts and views of Jerry Lawler's last Memphis tv show... By: George Wren

Jerry Lawler basically kicked off Memphis tv (9/11) with a sit down type interview explaining this is the last Memphis tv show. Lawler goes into saying it took $11,000 dollars to run a weekly tv show and more money was being put out then being brought in. He would go on to mention in today's economy it's just too hard to run a weekly show. He would then mention that the sponsors dipped a little bit, and claims that everyone can take the blame in it fallen to the waste side if you will for no one not going out to visit any of the sponsors.

My thoughts and views: I for one don't believe it took $11,000 dollars (rent on the building, WPXX50, and even if the boys got paid a decent pay off)and second you have to put money into any product to make it successful. You basically get what you put into it if you put very little in it then that's what you are going to get. It's sad how Memphis Wrestling in general has fallen by the waste side (and has for many years).. The fans are tired of getting burnt everytime someone comes along to only fold up in a year or two. The fans are also tired of the same ol, same ol when you have to grow with the times and Memphis is known for not doing that, and staying in the past, and that's what has hurt Memphis as well as poor management choices. We can sit and point the fingers and say the fans are to blame but in all honesty I am surprised anyone comes out to the shows anymore so I think just the little crowds they had at the tv tapings was about as good as it was going to get with maybe the max 50 people if that. The product had major issues including production problems which seemed to have gotten better within the last few weeks. You also have to groom new talent which this is what Memphis tv was lacking as well. Ask yourself if they started running towns what would the house look like? Very slim I am sure because the people can go to the tv tapings for free, and like they did at the Delta Fair and see free wrestling.

Inder Gender Match: LT Falk v. Su Yung
This match basically made no sense and before the match Yung had some mic time but is still "green" on the mic and needs alot more time on the mic before actually cutting promos as she seems real lost on the mic.

8-Man Tag Match:
Brian Christopher/Wolfie D./Tommy Mercer/Albino Rhino
Matt Boyce/Lani Kialoha/Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels
This match was a typical ok match nothing spectacular until Boss Winters who was sitting in on color commentary basically started talking. Even being a typical heel manager his comments towards Nikels made him(Nikels) look weak which btw Wayne & Nikels are the Southern Tag Champions. Boss was basically lost in the schuffle after King and Dotson left the company which is who Boss was paired up with at first.

Loser of the fall wears Sponge Bob Square Pants Pajamas:
Brian Christopher/Wolfie D. v. Matt Boyce/Lani Kialoha
This had to be by far the stupidest thing ever done on Memphis tv bar none. And this is your last show but your going out like this? LOL!

Loser Leaves Memphis TV:
Rachel White v. Su Yung
This match made no sense since this was the last show. Why would you put a loser leaves town match on your last show? Once again POINTLESS!!!!

Jerry Lawler v. Wolfman (Shane Williams)
This was not a match at all as no punches or anything was traded. It was basically Lawler throwing a fireball.

Jerry Lawler v. Bert Prentice/"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock/Boss Winters
One of the second stupidest matches of all times. This is how you want to be remembered going out like this? LOL!
Before the match Jerry Calhoun searched the heels to find Prentice had some type of fork, Blaylock had a taser, and Winters had a gun.

Other Notes: The Tom Savini angle was never completed... The Southern Heavyweight Title Tournament has been a 2 month drawn out process with people never being in the tournament just showing up and being placed in the tournament so the tournament was never completed. I think that everyone should let Memphis Wrestling just die and stop trying to bring it back because it's just not there anymore. I think many rather see no wrestling on tv then to see what we have seen the last few years. The word negative has been brought up but how can you put positive reviews on something that's negative? To have strong reviews you have to make the product positive.

Strong Point: The only strong point I seen was Lawler did cut a promo letting the people know what's going on instead of what we have seen before with a product just going off the air with no explanation.