Monday, September 27, 2010

NBW Summer-Jam 2010 9.25.10 Quick Results

----I will have the full Arena Report later this week.

-170+ packed the NBW Arena. 

-Mark Devonci beat Kevin Charles

-C-Money beat J-Weezy & Hardcore Yow for the High Risks Title

-"SOBs" [Mark Justice/Kid] with Auburn Thunder beat "Southern Hertiage" [Tommy Redneck/Shannon Lee] with Mad Money Mike to win the NBW Tag Team Titles.

-Mr. Wrestling 3000 [Stan Lee] kept his mask and defeated Jeremy Moore to win the MACW Title in one of the best bouts of the show.

-Dutch Mantell beat Sarge O'Reilly  [photos from this bout posted on CLICK HERE.]

-Tim Edwards/Kid Nikels/Brad Badd beat Chris O'Neal/Eric Wayne/Seth Knight for MACW to win control of Newbern in the other really good bout of the show.

-Chris Rocker beat Big Red to win the NBW Title in a Barbwire Match.