Friday, September 24, 2010

NBW Summer-Jam 2010 Countdown!!

----The big show happens Saturday night and we finally got a card. 

-----I am going to list the matches and give a few thoughts on them.  I honestly don't know much about some of the storylines due to not getting results, but I will try to give my input.

-Chris Rocker vs. Big Red (c) NBW Title Barbwire match

----Barbwire matches are tricky and could be good or bad.  I really hate it that these two are in a gimmick match, because it could be real good.  Both guys are underrated and could have a good match.  Either they are doing this to start a new chapter in the feud, [with Red screwing Rocker] but I am guessing Rocker goes over for the belt.

-Jeremy Moore (c) vs. Mr. Wrestling 3000 MACW TITLE Mask vs. Title match

----Mr. Wrestling is Stan Lee and this could easily be the best bout on the show if Moore can keep up.  Lee has been wearing the mask for a while, so I look for him to lose it.  Why would he want the MACW Title when the promotion doesn't even exist ??

-Team Anarchy ( Kid Nikels, Tim Edwards, Brad Badd) vs. Team New Blood ( Eric Wayne, Seth Knight, ??? ) 6 man elimination for control of newbern

----It could be a real good bout and might steal the show if worked right.  I am hearing Chris O'Neal as the third wheel of Team New Blood, but not sure.  Knight is good in stuff like this and I have seen him have do some good stuff against Edwards.  Badd has the look, but would be the weak link for his work, but Wayne/Knight would have no problem making him look good.

-Sarge vs. Dutch Mantell Legends match

----This will not be a classic or anything, but the fans that want to see Mantell are coming out to see this as almost a novelty.  I look for Sarge to bump all over the place and Mantell will probably go over.  

-S.O.B.'s vs. Redneck and Shannon Lee NBW Tag Team match

----It could be good, bad or just solid.  If you keep Justice in with Redneck or if Lee has his working shoes on, it could be good. 

-Hardcore Yow vs. C Money vs. Weezy (c) 3 way no dq match for the NBW HIGH RISK TITLE

----This is one of those matches that could be the show stealer or just be a total fustercluck. C-Money has been "on" the last few times I have seen him, so I expect a good match.  I look for Money to win the belt.