Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Photo Proof!!

----An update on the "Photo Proof" post.

----Here what I am being told about the sign.  #1: It was in front of the ring [that was owned by Billy Russ] that was used by IWA.  #2:  IWA did not put that sign up.  #3:  IWA or no one knows who put the sign up. Apparently the sign was not even up when the guys got ready to wrestle.

----Ok, so I have a few questions?? Someone apparently was taking the money so the kids could wrestle; right?? Was this just a big rib on me and IWA; who knows??  If it was a rib and kids were really doing this - then it was not a safe thing to do.  

----And, so I can clear up this also - Seth Knight did not make this sign!  RRO tweeted it, he tweeted my tweet, so on and on.  He was not even at the fair.

----And, so we get everything clear - I do not HATE THE IWA.  I also did not draw the sign and put it in my front yard, then take the photo and say it was IWA. In other words, don't kill the messenger!  I really like a lot of the crew at IWA and if I was running a show, I would call a few of them to join it.  They have lots of heart and some very talented guys.  The sad thing is they debuted a TV show that looked like crap and it never really got off the ground.  I have never been to an IWA live event, so I can not judge that. 

----Finally, and this actually is not just a poke at IWA, but during all this controversy, something was said on Twitter with a worker saying he did not read this site.  That does not hurt my feeling.  Everyone does not read the site - I understand that.  Some people only like to read things when people kiss their ass.  One thing every worker and promotion should understand this site can only help you - it is free advertising!!  During last month, close to 100,000 people came to RRO!!  100,000!!  Where else can you been seen by that many people in this area??