Monday, September 06, 2010

Ponytail Express Invade Illinois!!

----Here is a video that Eric Wayne and Austin Lane shot during their visit to Illinois last weekend. 

----I got a report of sorts from the weekend.  Here is the "eye in the sky" report of sorts along with the video embedded. 

"Ponytail Express" [Austin Lane/Eric Wayne]
Both shows were outdoors too. First one was the Urbana Sweet Corn Festival. Eric Wayne and Austin Lane worked singles matches as heels but came out together(involved on the finishes). Austin worked Jimmy Karytt in the semi main event. Imagine a slightly bigger version of Syn. Except this kid seemed to have a little more training. They had a lot of false finishes that the crowd got into and probably the best match on the card.  Wayne worked their heavyweight champion "Bloody" Harker Dirge. He's a little taller than Wayne and bulkier. Kinda doing a vampire gimmick but he was just a bad ass babyface since he carried a chain and barked too. Crowd ate him up though. Their match wasn't bad, just rushed because they had to get out before a certain time. Adrian Street trained him.

Second show was in Lincoln at the hot air balloon festival. They were given the option of who they wanted to work, either each other or someone else. They worked each other. They did a spot before the match where Lane gave a lei to Wayne's girlfriend (kayfabed to the crowd) and Wayne got out and snatched from around her neck. When he turned back from yelling at Austin she slapped the hell out of Wayne to a BIG pop from the crowd. They started off hot til Wayne powdered to the dressing and let Lane come get him then cut him off right after that.

The only guys there that have been in this area were Brandon Espinosa and "Future" Donovan Ruddick. Future is a big guy, 6'5" 260lbs and has a lot of potential. They worked an NEW show when TGB was booking but Future has gotten a lot better, from what I saw anyway. If he keeps it up, he could get a developmental deal in the next 5 years, maybe less if the right people see him. 

----Here is the video from The Nose Bleed Seats.  NBS has a Facebook - CLICK HERE!!