Attendance:  265

First match:  Danger Zone defeated Lee Michaels & Sexy Rex by pinfall after Johnny Hawk attacked Lee Michaels and kept him from making a tag.

Hollywood Jimmy, CCR, and his personal hairdresser attacked Austin Lane until Buff Bagwell made the save.  Commissioner Terrence Ward set up the main event tag match.

Euro Champion "White Chocolate" Athena Eclipse with Money Inc defeated Loose Cannon to retain the title.

Money Inc and DangerZone fought till the referee threw the match out.

Lee Michaels upset Johnny Hawk by pinfall. 

In a Match of Champions, ASWF Champion Chris Stryker defeated X Division Champion Mike Anthony by dq when Stryker tossed the title belt to Anthony and faked being hit with the object.

Austin Lane & Buff Bagwell defeated CCR with Hollywood Jimmy after Jimmy tried to interfere and Austin Lane punched him out.  Bagwell hit the blockbuster on Demon X and Austin Lane got the pin.

Steve Cherry, Freezer Thompson, Max Mayhem, and Chuck Fears were in attendance.