Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 9.11.10

----Results from this past Saturday night!!

Money Inc's Enforcer defeated Sexy Rex by a heartpunch and pinfall. 

"White Chocolate" Athena Eclipse successfully defended the Euro Championship by defeating Loose Cannon after Enforcer and ASWF Champion Stryker attacked Loose Cannon in the locker room.

Johnny Hawk and Hot Rod defeated Lee Michaels & JD Kerry by foreign object.  Afterwards Hawk and Hot Rod told Michaels to find a partner for Rocktoberfest.

Brian Christopher came out and issued a challenge to ASWF Champion Chris Stryker for Rocktoberfest. Stryker plus someone from Money Inc against Christopher and Rikishi in a Stink Face Challenge match. Stryker accepted.  Then it was announced that Stryker and Christopher must tag together tonight against Tag Champions CCR.

Austin Lane defeated Jon Allen via submission.  Afterwards Mike Anthony came down only to get speared. Seth Sabor came down to help but was accidentally speared after Allen moved out of the way.

Mike Anthony beat Seth Sabor.  Afterwards Sabor attacked Anthony and RKO'd him.  Jon Allen followed by Austin Lane came down to the ring.  Lane kept Allen from hitting Sabor with the title only to fall victim to another RKO from Sabor.  Match was made for next week with Sabor & Lane Vs. Allen & Anthony.

CCR defeated Stryker and Christopher by pinfall.  The challengers tried to work together til Stryker left his Rocktoberfest opponent to fend for himself.
Crowd was hot all night!  About 150 in attendance.