Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 9.18.10

----Results from Tuckerman, AR Saturday night.

The Ro Show defeated Sexy Rex.

The Ebony Idol Reggie Montgomery was defeated by the 7'4" Mark Marshall.

Commissioner Terrence Ward made the next match a Title Vs. Hair Match.

"White Chocolate" Athena Eclipse pinned Loose Cannon to retain the Euro Title and shave Cannon's hair.  Afterwards, Cannon attacked Ward until Austin Lane cane out to calm down Cannon and tell him that the man he has been looking for will be at the Valiant Arena next Saturday night.

Johnny Hawk with Hot Rod beat Lee Michaels.  Hawk gave Michaels a little smile almost out of respect afterwards. It was announced for Lee Michaels and Koko B. Ware vs. Johnny Hawk and Hot Rod in a Flag Match for Rocktoberfest.  Also Sid Vicious Vs. Lord Humongous in a Battle of the Titans match.

Austin Lane and Seth Sabor defeated Mike Anthony and Jon Allen in the match of the night.  Terrence Ward then came out to set up Seth Sabor vs. Mike Anthony for the X Division Title next week.

C.C.R. Defeated Casino and Reggie B. Fine after Fine refused to tag in.  Casino challenged Fine to a match next week.

Brian Christopher defeated ASWF Champion Chris Stryker via dq in a Lumberjack match.  Mike Anthony attacked Christopher. Rocktoberfest has Brian Christopher and Rikishi take on Stryker and Mike Anthony in a Stink Face Challenge Match.

170 in attendance.  
Most Heat: Mike Anthony and Chris Stryker.
Biggest Pop: Austin Lane
Crowd was Hot and into every match.