Sunday, September 26, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 9.25.10

----Results from Saturday night in Tuckerman.
In the opening of the show, Mike Anthony and the Resolution came out. Mike told the Resolution that tonight is a proving night and everyone was on their own. 

First Match:  JD Kerry defeated Jon Allen.  Awesome fast paced match with Kerry winning with a frog splash.  Mike Anthony watched in disgust.

Second Match:  Wild Bill defeated Sexy Rex.  Rex tried to mount some offense, but Wild Bill kept Rex grounded for the three count.

Third Match:  Loose Cannon defeated "White Chocolate" Athena Eclipse to capture the Euro Championship due to Dirty Little Dave returning and taking out the Money Inc.  The crowd went crazy when DLD appeared.  DLD stated that at Rocktoberfest he and Cannon will take on Money Inc.

Fourth match:  Johnny Hawk & Hot Rod defeated Casino & Lee Michaels.  Casino and Lee had the crowd behind them, but Hawk and Hotrod pulled out the win.

With Money Inc and CCR banned at ringside, Demon X defeated Rik Burton after DLD knocked him out with a chain.  As a result Burton is out of Rocktoberfest.

Austin Lane defeated Ro Show by submission.  Heat started when Lane suicide dives through the ropes and Show moved causing Lane to hit the guard rail.  Very good match.  Was stated to be Ro Show's best match and really got him over.

Seth Sabor defeated Mike Anthony with a Sabor cutter on Anthony while he springboard and was in mid air.  Entire crowd came to their feet.

175-180 in crowd.  Loudest crowd in a while.  Hot all night.  Was stated as the best ASWF action in months.

Biggest Pop:  DLD, Austin Lane, and Seth Sabor finish.

Most Heat:  Mike Anthony, Johnny Hawk, and Ro Show.