Monday, September 13, 2010

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 9.11.10

----Hollywood Jimmy posted these on from Saturday night.

Sarge O'Reilly

Hollywood Jimmy comes out and informs Justin Rhodes that he is on probation
and must win all of his matches or he is out of the Hollywood Click.

1st match: Justin Rhodes w/ Hollywood Jimmy
Justin Rhodes wins the match surprisingly without Hollywood Jimmy's help.

2nd match: Chrome & Big Daddy Neno w/ Smooth
Stagger Lee & Brody Hawk
Smooth Inc. victorious after double teaming Stagger Lee

Bitty Little came out and challenged anyone in the back by stating that he is the best wrestler at EPW and could beat anyone who came to accept the challenge. At that time Sarge came out and accepted the challenge.

3rd match: Bitty Little
Before the match started Hollywood Jimmy came out and offered Bitty Little
$5,000 dollars if he would end Sarges career. After that the match started and then it
ended in a double count out. The fans requested 5 more minutes. When that happened
Sarge rolled Bitty up for the win.

Main Event for the tag team championship:
Bone Crusher & Casanova Kid w/ Hollywood Jimmy
Kilo & Buzz Harley
Kilo and Buzz win the match to become the new EPW tag team Champions  

----At least I can say there is one match on this show that I would have enjoyed - Bitty vs Sarge. I have always like Brody Hawk also.  Who is doing the Stagger Lee gimmick??  I have not been following the storylines closely here.