Thursday, September 23, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 9.18.10

----Results from this past Saturday.

----I got a chance to see the angle with the "MisFits" beating up Dustin.  Good stuff.  Maxx Corbin is really good on the mic!!...I hate it that I missed the Rude vs CJ bout!

Dustin Baker opens the show with an announcement concerning the main event. There were new stipulations added before the show. The main event is Christian Jacobs vs. NxN's Rude for the number 1 contendership for a chance at the EWE heavyweight championship. The new stipulations were that both Christian Jacobs and Rude were going to be in singles matches and if either or both lose they would lose their opportunity for the number contendership in the main event.

Rockin Randy vs. NxN's Rude
Rude came out upset again of the lack of respect given to him by putting him in a match against Randy and to hold his spot in the main event. Rude gave Randy the opportunity to leave and be counted out but Randy decided to stay and have the match. Both men went at it for just a few seconds. Randy pinned rude 1,2, 3 but Rude's feet were on the ropes. The Ref, Caleb, decided to restart the match due to the confusion and Rude rolled up Randy for the win. Rude moves on to the main event.

Christian Jacobs vs. Ike Tucker
Ike comes out and really holds his weight showing his experience in the ring. Ike took control for a good part of the match. Christian Jacobs starts to come back and then interrupted by J.R. Manson and Maxx Corbin. They try to distract Christian Jacobs, but Blaine Divine and Randy come out to help out CJ. CJ wins and continues on to the main event.

EWE Ultimate Division Gauntlet Match
Blaine Divine vs. J.R. Manson
Very long and solid match. J.R. Manson has shown improvement and dominated a lot of this match. Blaine does a great cross-body off the top rope out onto the solid concrete in this match. Maxx Corbin comes out and causes distraction, but Blaine wins over J.R. Manson.
Round 2 - Blaine vs. Maxx Corbin
Maxx continues where J.R. left off. Maxx completely shows his aggression and dominates over Blaine. Blaine does show a little life left in him and fires back, but not quite enough. J.R. Manson, Ike Tucker, and Maxx Corbin all jump Blaine. Blaine takes all 3 finishers by Ike, J.R., and Maxx. Blaine still moves on to the next match by D.Q.

Round 3 - Blaine Divine vs. Mark Devonci
Blaine still down from the major beat down by J.R., Ike, and Maxx; Mark comes in and prances around the ring mocking Blaine. Mark continues to beat down Blaine more by hitting the X-factor and pins Blaine for the win.

Dustin Baker comes out with with 2 big announcements. 1. NxN's Pokerface will make his return to EWE in just a few short weeks. 2. Jon Michael makes his return to the ring of EWE next Saturday night. After this announcement Ike Tucker, J.R. Manson, and Maxx Corbin come out and interrupt Dustin. Ike begins the interruption about his rampage against the EWE board of directors and believes there is a conspiracy against him. He went on about his time in AWA and the prior WWF. Him going on about being in the ring against other great superstars. He then went on about the championship matches he has won, but has never been given a championship match while at EWE. Also, pointing out that J.R. Manson and Maxx Corbin have not been in any championship matches either. Ike continues to go on about the 3 of them not being invited the week before while SAW was in the Ripley. Maxx Corbin then takes the mic and continues his frustration and dislike with the EWE and Ripley, TN. Maxx then looks at Dustin Baker and said, "actions speak louder than words" and hits Dustin with the Black Hole Slam. Ike and J.R. continue to stomp on Dustin Baker and then J.R. nearly chokes out Dustin Baker. They leave Dustin in the ring and walk out. This trio are now calling themselves the MisFits.

Main Event
Christian Jacobs vs. Rude
Real solid match between the two superstars. Referee Caleb gets knocked out and again Ike, Maxx, and J.R. come out and interfere with the match and causes Christian Jacobs his chance. Rude wins over Christian Jacobs with the TKO.

Notes***House was about 85. a little down from the week before, but a real solid show. The crowd is popping for new talent such as Blaine Divine. The "Misfits" (Ike, J.R., and Maxx) really made an impact on Ripley and a lot of upset people. SAW returns to Ripley, TN for another TV taping October 23, 2010.

Also, before the show a special announcement with thoughts and prayers were sent to Jon Michael and his family from the loss of Jon Michael's sister, Heather Jones.