Sunday, September 12, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 9.10.10

----Friday in Osceola, AR for MCW.

1st match-Triple threat match Blackjack vs Lucky vs Biscuit Good opening match with a surprising finish when Biscuit had Blackjack pinned !! Lucky broke up the count and surprised Biscuit with a tornado DDT !! Your winner Lucky
2nd match-Adrian Stratton & Snuffy vs Hambones !! Adrian & Snuffy win when HB 1&2 nail each other with their own bones !!
3rd match-Sid Vicious & Pokerface vs Lord Humongous & Cannon !! Sid & Poker making quick tags in & out working on Cannon until Rashard helps turn the tide !! But Sid & Poker retaliate to pull out the win !!
4th match-Wild Bill vs JT Storm for the Cruiserweight Championship !! A good single match with JT controlling the bulk of the match !! Just when you thought Bill was done he surprises JT with the Wild Bill stunner to become the new Cruiserweight Champion !!
5th match Byron Wilcott & All American Frankie Tucker vs Rik Burton & Lance Budro !! Good tagteam action by BW & FT !! Surprisingly good team with double team moves and crisp tags in & out !! Crowd was hot for BW & FT !! Rik & Lance had things rolling until the tag to BW !! He comes in like a house on fire with both guns blazing !! Your winners Byron Wilcott & Frankie T !! 

Thanks for coming out & supporting MCW !! God Bless !! 

Credit: MCW