Sunday, September 26, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 9.24.10

----Results from Friday night in Osceola, AR.

1st match - JT Storm defeated Lance Beaudreaux in a fast paced match !! Very good contest !!

2nd match - Hambones 1&2 over the team of Blackjack & Biscuit !! Things going B&B's way until HB 2 pulls out a chain to clock Blackjack !! Your winners The Hambones !!

3rd match - All American Frankie Tucker & Biscuit had things going their way over Officer Hudson & Rik Burton !! Biscuit hits Rik with a superkick and has the pin !! Rashard jumps in with a briefcase and nails Biscuit and reverses the pin !! Your winners Off Hudson & Rik Burton !!

4th match - Lord Humongous & Loose Cannon defeat Adrian Stratton & Pokerface in a highly contested bout !! A surprise ending when Cannon makes the pin !! He celebrates only to be knocked out by Humongous !!

5th match - Wild Bill defeated Lucky in what was the match of the night !! After the match the sore losers Lucky & Rashard jump on Bill trying to hurt him permanently !!! They handcuff him and are about to finish him when up from the announcers desk comes Big Jim !! Luckily Big Jim runs them off just in time !! Hopefully Wild Bill will be ok to return next week !! Thanks MCW fans for your support and God bless !!!

Credit: MCW