Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Straight Flush "Jeremy Wood...I really hope I offend someone" with Pokerface

----Pokerface returns with a new column.

For the last couple of weeks, the Jeremy Wood incident has been on everyone's lips, even the media. I've heard and read all the rumors. Now it's time for me to give my thoughts. I really hope that I do offend somebody.

Last week on this site, I watch the news report on Jeremy. By nature, I'm an emotional guy. This story actually brought tears to my eyes. It couldn't have came at worse time. I was getting ready to leave for a show that evening. Anyway, seeing pictures of that young man laying in that bed on life support, really tugged at my heart. Then I went from being sad to extremely angry. Because years ago, I was Jeremy Woods. I was a wild eyed kid who would've done anything or let anyone train me, as long as I could get the business. It's a shame that you got stupid motherfuckers who have no ring presence, no charisma, no drawing power or potential, and no talent, training people. And the one who allegedly is the main one at fault, isn't even qualified to run the concession stand, let alone wrestle. I know this because I used to wrestle in the same company as this guy. Wrestlers think that the fact that they can hip toss somebody, makes them a qualified trainer. And now since thy didn't have a clue or know-how, a father and mother are without their son. This pisses me off as a father and a wrestler.

I consider myself a helluva wrestler, and in my opinion, one of the best. But I would not train anybody. There are alot of great workers in this area. But remember, good players, don't always make good coaches. I have no patience and have a hard time explaining things. I can do cool shit in the ring, but if you ask me how, 9 times out of 10 I couldn't. Anyway, I've been asked by a lot of people to train them, and I politely decline. I always refer them to one of two places in this area. Because I know my limitations. The closes I've come to training someone was a female trainee in Jonesboro. She was a student of Rodney Mack. He would train her during the week, and on Saturdays before the show I would work with her, not as a trainer, but a tutor. I would just reinforce what she was already taught. Plus I would just go over the basics, i.e chain wrestling, and drills. When we do mass training or working out. I would be in charge of  the physical training, and I would be instructed on what drill or areas to take the guys through. And it was all a team effort. All vets and not so vets contributed to the session, under one teacher.

Over the years I've seen guys who weren't even a year into the business, training people. What the fuck! I've seen guys who had been wrestling for 10+ years, who still can't work, training people.  What the fuck! Get real. Anyway, when I was watching the news story, it was said pretty much said, that nobody that was at the training session when Jeremy allegedly got powerbombed 25 times is talking. Pussies! I'm all for gut checking rookies, trainees, etc. Such as have them doing 500 Hindu squats and push ups. Run them to death. But powerbombing? Come on. I guess everybody is covering up for each other.  I swear for us to play sooooo tough, wrestling is made up of 90% pussies! Afraid to talk up, afraid of saying no, an afraid of getting lockerroom heat. Well I'm going on record right now to say to anyone remotely, allegedly, supposedly involved with that situation, you better never work with me.  In the past for no good reason, I've had an unjustified reputation for shooting on people. I've never have, honestly. But if i ever work any of yall, from the biggest to the smallest, I'm going to fuck you up. From the time they play your music, til I pass the fuck out. I'M GOING TO WHOOP YOUR ASSES. I don't claim to be a bad ass, but if  need be, I'm at bad motherfucker. Just ask any motherfucker that has ever fought me. I won't kill you, so this is not a death threat, but they will have a benefit wrestling show in your honor to raise money for your bills. I really hope I've offended someone, and If i have, you can find me on Facebook, Quenton Pokerface Williams, or ask around, I'm not hard to find. RIP Jeremy Woods, and until next time, God Bless, and keep your pimp hand strong!