Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Su Yung Debuts at FCW!!

----Results from Saturday night with the debut of Vannah!!

----I am eating a bit of crow after that comment about her in the Memphis ratings. LOL  I am excited that she has a job though - it gives everyone faith that they could land a job with the WWE!

FCW Live Event – 9/18/10
National Guard Armory – Brooksville, FL

Match 1: Leo Kruger pinned Roman Leakee
Jinder Mahal & Jacob Novak came to the ring and cut a promo about how upset they are about not being booked for the show, and about how the are about to start their quest for WWE
gold by taking the FCW Tag Team title… and since they aren’t booked for the night, they will find another way to make a statement. Mahal started the promo in Punjabi.
Match 2: Bobby Dutch & Xavier Woods defeated “The Collasol Connection” Brodus Clay & Donny Marlow when Woods pinned Marlow
Match 3: Big E Langston pinned Conrad Tanner
Match 4: Eli Cottonwood and Shad Gaspard brawled to a double count out
FCW Diva Caylee Turner introduced one of the children in attendance to be the guest bell ringer for the next match. Turner was not on crutches as was reported about her FCW appearance in Orlando on 9/15.
Match 5: Rudy Parker pinned Damien Sandow
Match 6: Michael McGillicutty pinned Wes Brisco
Match 7: No Disqualification FCW Championship Match – Mason Ryan pinned Husky Harris
Match 8: FCW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match – Derrick Bateman & Johnny Curtis wrestled “Los Aviadores” Hunico & Epico to a no contest. (for a full description, see below)

Notes About The Show:
A set of high quality FCW trading cards were given out to all the fans in attendance. The set included Alex Riley, Percy Watson, Jamie Keyes, Xavier Woods, Richie Steamboat, Eli Cottonwood, Mason Ryan, and Naomi Night

Prior to the show, there was a meet and greet with Percy Watson, Richie Steamboat, Shad Gaspard, and Xavier Woods (the former Consequences Creed). All four socialized with, sign autographs for, and posed for pictures with the FCW Universe.

The ring announcer for the evening was Matt Martlaro, who, along with one of FCW’s newest Divas, Vannah, also threw t-shirts into the audience throughout the show. Vannah did some good mic work to fire up the crowd as she threw shirts to the audience. Vannah is Su Yung, who has wrestled for Glory, Memphis Ladies Wrestling, and various other independents.

Injured FCW Star Drake Brewer was visible at a live event for the first time since his early June injury. When asked when he expects to be back in the ring, he responded “about two months.” Brewer is former Japan standout Joe Doering. He even experienced the honor of co-holding the IWGP Tag Team Title with Keiji Muto (The Great Muta) as his partner.

Big E Langston, came to the ring with his own microphone providing his own introduction in an almost pseudo-royalty, semi-Cockney accent. His referred to himself as “Florida’s Strongest Man”. Conrad Tanner bled hardway quite a bit from a gash just outside his left eye in his loss to Big E. Langtson.

Shad Gaspard worked as a babyface for the first time since coming to FCW at the beginning of the Summer. He was WAAAY over with the Brooksville crowd.

As the match between Rudy Parker and Damien Sandow was getting started, someone in the audience wearing a furry Russian Cossack style hat, sunglasses, and a long overcoat (on a 94 degree Florida day) decided to try to convince the audience he was somebody. He made generic wrestling style threats to Damien Sandow, who laughed it off. Later, as Sandow was verbally assaulting Parker on the mic, he suggested that Parker should be sitting in the back row with Mikhail Gorbachev instead of being in the ring.

Following his match with Michael McGillicutty, Wes Brisco complained about McGillicutty using the ropes to pin him. Norman Smiley interjected that when FCW returns in November, there will be a “no rope” rematch between the two.

The no DQ title match ws fought all over the building and included interference by Byron Saxton, Michael McGillicutty, and Bo Rotundo. As bodies were everywhere, Ryan managed to hit Harris with the title belt to get the pin.

The main event was truly a PPV quality ladder match with crazy bumps taken by all four. The ladder match ended with Johnny Curtis and Hunico simultaneous grabbing a belt and falling to the mat. Norman Smiley declared that the match will continue as a regular tag match until there is a conclusive winner. As the match continued, Jinder Mahal and Jacob Novak, followed by Byron Saxton and Mason Ryan, charged the ring attacking all four combatants causing the match to end as a no contest. Smiley announced that the main event when FCW returns to Brooksville on November 11, the main event will be a four team elimination tag match… Curtis & Bateman vs Ryan & Saxton vs Mahal & Novak vs Los Aviadores.

Credit: Lordsofpain.net & thanks to KC!!