Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wayne's World: "Secrets of the South Part 3" by Eric Waye

----A new edition of Wayne's World.

Terrance Ward and Chris Stryker
Its about that time, SOS 3! I've received a lot of 
good feedback for the first two installments and I appreciate all of it. I hope no one thinks I'm just kissing ass because that's the last thing I'm worried about. The SOS are an elite group of actual wrestlers that have what it takes to forge a career in a dying business.

I've had conversations recently with people that view our business in different ways entirely. From ones that live in the past to guys that know things are changing.. and everything in between. It all adds up over time and while some of us are well-rounded there are others that have no clue. SOS would be the first group of people, the ones that get it.

The first guy in this installment is someone that I met when I first started almost four years ago. Back then, he was just another guy on the card. Since then he's improved a lot and deserves everything he gets. When I first met him, I'll admit, I wrote him off as just another guy that shouldn't be wrestling. I considered him a mark, but not in a good way, because let's face it..we're all marks to some extent. My only gripe now is that he doesn't broaden his horizons and travel very much. His name is Chris Stryker. At first his name was one of those that made you roll your eyes when you found out you were wrestling him. But now, its a totally different story. He's one of those guys that will work as hard as he can and sincerely wants to improve. We haven't had the chance to get together in the ring lately but everyone I talk to says he's improved a lot. Its not always about being THE best though. Its about willing to and trying to improve. Of course, having credible work is a must as well. I always hear about guys that "improve" and their work is still horrible. So what the hell improved? Stryker isn't that guy. His work is credible and he is still improving. Let's hope he keeps it up!

Another guy that doesn't try near as hard as he should is everyone's favorite cruiserweight...Tatt2! He's almost in the same boat as Dustin Ring except he still takes bookings. The downside is wondering if he'll be there at belltime. I recently booked him for a benefit show because he can get over with any crowd like no other. He understands psychology a hell of a lot better than people give him credit for as well. A few people came up to me after seeing him at one show and he was one of the first things they mentioned. From high flying to technical wrestling, Tatt2 is one of those guys that can bring a hell of a show anytime he steps in the ring. He's the best at making a fast paced, high flying match make sense. Its never just a bunch of high spots thrown together, and there aren't many at this level that can do that. If Tatt2 didn't feel the way he does about local wrestling and promoters were smarter then not only would Tatt2 be seen more often, but so would a lot of other guys.

Take note people, I'm not writing just because I'm bored. SOS are wrestlers that no one seems to book properly or if they do, they aren't booked enough. We all need to keep striving to improve, its how often we take the lessons we learn and apply them next time we wrestle that makes the difference. All these guys as well as a dozen others actually take pride in what they do every time out and the more we ALL take pride in our appearance and work...the better business will be for all of us.