Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Conversation with Derrick King

----RRO was joined by DK via e-mail for this week's Conversation.

-I guess we should start out talking about Memphis Wrestling.  A major story in the last few weeks has been you leaving Memphis Wrestling.  First, what was the final decision that made you do something like that??
I had already told the guys at the New Daisy that would do it.  I told Lawler about the show months ago, and he had no problem with it. So when it came down to it I had to choose which show to do. I didnt think it would hurt to work a show once a month since I was not on a months worth of tv taping. We wanted to help by paying a booking fee and promoting his show [Lawler] at the Daisy show. He wanted us to buy advertising on the show and myself and Cody would have been back on the show, but it was just too much money at the time.  We were only doing a show once a month. Plus it was a chance to do something different.

-Did you get any heat from others since you had in sense went against Lawler? 

No I think most people knew where i was coming from. I hate politics in wrestling so they really didn't say much or push the issue.

-What are your thoughts on it being canceled?? 

I hate that it was canceled. I wish it could have worked out for everyone. I guess in my case I was lucky to get out and be doing something else.

-You have worked almost every promotion in this area, but have recently been working mostly in the Nashville area.  I am going to name three promotions and we know their are various reasons you are not working there, but just give you opinions.

They will all say my drinking lol lmao.

NBW -  Could be a good company, Jeremy has a sliiiiight ego lol bigger than mine lmao. I just think the show is designed to make him look good. He was more concerned with putting out the Walkers, which was not too hard. There is a lack of respect for talent on his show. You gotta pay the guys and you gotta put guys with talent out there. Booking Buckwheat for 5 bucks is A-not fair and B- Buckwheat should not be wrestling. Too much family involved not enough wrestling people involved.

EWE - Management has too much say so - Mr.JC should be gone. Jon Michael is doing his best with what he has to deal with.  At one time Ripley was the place to be, but now i think it is so tainted and watered down now.

NEW - Cool concept, I think they have some of the best talent in the area working there but just no place to showcase them. 

-You have stated "off the record" to me before that you at time feel this site hurts the area.  Do you think the site has been good or bad for wrestling in this area??  And remember, you are three time RRO wrestler of the year. LOL   

lol I really dont read the site much anymore, but I see everyone has a column now. Wow! Thats wild! lol. I however do think the site gives guys exposure and  shines a light on whats going on in this area good or bad.

-Not sure if we have you enough heat I am going to put the RRO Top 10 from 2009 here and you can say a few words about each guy.

10: Kevin White- Cool guy, easy to work with. I think Kevin likes to wrestle closer to home, and would have been a shoe in for one the top 80's wrestler, which he grew up on.

9: Eric Wayne - I think is a product of a 3rd generation wrestling with some shoes to fill, which leads to his heat with some of the boys. I think he has a lot of pressure on him. I've heard that he could be a  bit stiff or careless in the ring, never has happened with me. My advice would be to make it look real without hurting your opponent.

8: Alan Steele - Hands down one of the best guys I've ever been in the ring with. Should have a job somewhere. I don't think he likes playing politics.

7: Greg Anthony - Another hands down one of the best guys I've ever wrestled. He knows his shit inside and out he could do this in his sleep. One of those guys you go to the ring with and never say a word and just go.

6: Stan Lee - My brother, what bad can I say about him?  lol Very athletic and could take any bump and make it look like he is dead which is awesome.  I wished he wrestled fulltime he is that good.

5: Pokerface- Have not seen him in a while, but he knows his craft and is all business in the ring. Wished we worked on more shows together.

4: Rodney Mack - Good look, works hard  - no reason why he shouldn't be in WWE or TNA

3: Derrick King - Drinking or no drinking,  I love and have a super strong passion for the wrestling business. I will do anything to have a good show - love to entertain.

2: Dustin Starr -Need I say more -  he has a deal. He did what it took to get there and he deserves to be there. A good friend and I couldn't be more happy for him. Always fun on the rode with him - I miss him.

1: Austin Lane - Fun guy to work - loves high spots lol which is not all that bad. lmao Great guy - loved our angle in ASWF. I wish he would get out of arkansas and be seen more place. Always a plus to a show.